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  • Jul 22
  • Cellular Phone
  • Termination Fee
  • 10

SO very happy I got rid of SPRINT …. they are nothing but liars and scam artist…. My contract ended in DEC 2013 and I changed over to AT&T in july i am now getting a bill in the mail for over $340 as an early termination fee . this is total BULL *** and the people on the phone refuse to give your call to a supervisor until they have every little detail why you are calling. One CSR was like... Read more

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  • Jul 04
  • Cellular Phone
  • Cell Phone Cervice
  • 20

I purchased a phone on 5/30/2014, I paid the downpayment on the phone ($209.57) in cash. I returned the phone the next day and I was told that since I paid with cash it will take 10 business days to get the refund check in the mail. After 2 weeks I was told it takes 4 weeks and to call back after week 5. I called back and they told me that I will not get a check they will just credit my bill for... Read more

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Walked into a sprint store to pay a bill only to be greeted by an associate who PROMISED he could lower my monthly bill on top of giving me two BS tablets. Well months latet my bill is $70 more on average. So I called the customer service department and was basically told ***. I HAVE BEEN WITH NEXTEL/SPRINTSINCE 1997. BUT THE DAY THIS BS CONTRACT ENDS IM OUT. Add comment

  • Jul 02
  • Cellular Phone
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Phone Service
  • 6

Paid $85 a month to have no service outside my city limits. Was told by customer service that I should have called the trouble shooting line. Hard to make a call with no service. I talked to 2 people at the store but nothing was done and they didnt file a report. I had to sale my phone to sign up for new service. Told by old company that I should have sent it into them. When I called the customer... Read more

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  • Jun 20
  • Cellular Phone
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Business Practice
  • 25

Recently grew tired of Sprint dropped calls . Canceled Sprint and went with Verizon. I have had Sprint service for at least 6 years with no contract. May of 2013 decided to upgrade my phone with Sprint. Phone I upgraded to did not work for me so returned it within the 14 day try out period. They returned my old phone and and I returned to same plan I have always had. Unbeknownst to me when I... Read more

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  • Jun 20
  • Cellular Phone
  • Alexandria, Louisiana
  • Billing Abuse
  • 1
  • 14

Sprint seems like it will be a good choice, they have cheaper plans without seeming like a disreputable company- but once you've signed up, set up automatic bill pay, and feel comfortable with your phone- that's when they'll start adding confusing charges. As many on this site have also experienced, their customer service in the billing department is obstinate to the point of being dismissive... Read more

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  • Jun 17
  • Cellular Phone
  • Austin, Texas
  • Property Damage Repair
  • 15

Sprint! Nothing is ever easy when it comes to conducting business with Sprint. The famed Framily Plan.....I want a divorce. 5/11/14 I went in store to separate the bills in my Framily. The guys that worked their did not know how to work the printer therefore they could not print out the Change of ownership forms my family needed to sign. I came back the next day and one of the smarter employee... Read more

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  • Jun 13
  • Cellular Phone
  • Long Beach, California
  • Cell Phone Service
  • 1
  • 21

These service representatives are terrible. I went into the Salinas, CA store and was flat out lied to when told switching to the framily plan meant I was no longer under contract. When I tried to leave I was told, "Well while it's true you are no longer under contract, you are still under your original contract" (paraphrase). WHAT?! I'M NOT UNDER CONTRACT BUT I'M STILL UNDER CONTRACT? MAKE UP... Read more

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  • Jun 06
  • Cellular Phone
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Faulty Phone Replacement
  • 19

I opened an acct on 04-29-14. New Samsung S3 phone at zero cost, 2yr contract. The phone had a speaker problem. I was sent to corp. store. A clerk took the phone and told me that the tech would check it out- either fix or they would replace it. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED. The clerk put a 'data exchange' ticket on the phone.When I told the tech about the speaker he listened and told me nothing was... Read more

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  • May 29
  • Cellular Phone
  • Edinburg, Virginia
  • Terrible Service
  • 3
  • 16

I've had nothing but terrible service and awful customer service through Sprint. Got a LGG2 on April 21, 2014. Received 2 months bills within 2 weeks of purchase. Was lied to about how much both bills would be. First bill was due before I even had it a month. Phone is complete ***. I was told I could go to the Sprint store I bought it at an hour and a half away and just swap it for a new one... Read more

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