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  • Sep 24
  • Cellular Phone
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Iphone 6 Plus Order
  • 17

On the 12th I was one of those people who was online as soon as the clock struck midnight. The website was down and I refreshed it again and again waiting for Sprint, who had a whole year to prepare for this, to get things going. I finally found a number and dialed it. I was on hold for and hour and thirty-one minutes before someone took my call. Her name was Nona and was talking to me, as best... Read more

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  • Sep 18
  • Cellular Phone
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Sprint Wireless Service
  • 14

I recently had a software upgrade to my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. After completing the upgrade the WIFI would not turn on. I talked wit Sprint's online chat with no help. I then went to my local Sprint Store where, after completely wiping and restoring my phone (losing all downloaded apps), I was told that there was nothing more they could/would do. A google search will show that I am not... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Accessories and programs
  • Jackson, Tennessee
  • Cracked Phone Screen
  • 13

SPRINT STORE ON VANN DRIVE IN JACKSON, TN Terrible experience. One I will never forget. I have been a Sprint Customer for over 5 years. My phone suffered cracks on my screen. The tech guy that sits at the desk, I believe his name is Andre, got rude towards the end when I asked him questions to make sure I understood what was going on with my phone. I guess since it was time for the store to close... Read more

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  • Sep 11
  • Cellular Phone
  • Service Payment
  • 25

I was a customer of Sprint for almost 5 years. Never had an issue with paying for my services. This year I went to the store in my area because two phones on my account needed to be replaced. First the salesman lied......he offered me a new plan because the plan I had no longer existed and I was grandfathered in. I was very specific and told him I did not want a plan higher than 200.00 a month.... Read more

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  • Sep 08
  • Cellular Phone
  • Sprint Services
  • 26

1st off i work for sprint and i can honestly say after 15 years in retail and cus servive sprint customers are the most arrogant selfish people on the planet.. heres another thing, if u dont pay your bill america theres nothing we or anyone else can do for u. truely it's not sprint services that are a problem its the inconsistent answers from cus care agents that kill the cus service training can... Read more

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  • Sep 08
  • Cellular Phone
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Plan Change
  • 14

I have been with sprint for 4 year and I change my single plan to family plan the csr told me it would save me money if if get some people on my plan so I did but he did not tell me if the don't pay it would cut off my service and the other persons service too plus ,I have less data and I have to pay more and are cycle are not at the same time so I always have a over due balance I want to get out... Read more

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  • Sep 03
  • Cellular Phone
  • Houston, Texas
  • 19

My note 3 was acting up terribly the issue could not be resolved over the phone with technical support I was advised to go to a corporate store to get my data on my device backed up & was having a new device mailed to me well I went to the store and the csr was not very friendly to begin with she told me my sd card was bad but there was nothing wrong with the phone I repeatedly told her that... Read more

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  • Aug 29
  • Cellular Phone
  • Customer Service
  • 39

I normally don't take the time to write reviews unless the are for excellent service. However, my recent Sprint experience warrants review and notification to those considering utilizing this company. First, let me say, I have been a Sprint customer for well over 10 years with two phone lines, a tablet and a femtocell device. In attempting to add a third line and device to my service with... Read more

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  • Aug 27
  • Internet
  • Data Speed Reduce
  • 17

Clear Spot was recently purchased by Sprint. Since that time they have raised their prices, throttled data speeds, and no longer let you speak to a human when you have issues with your service. Recently, they started decommissioning old towers without informing the customer base leaving many without service at all. When you collect money, provide zero service, and people are unable to cancel... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sprint
  • Aug 25
  • by anonymous
  • #525806

Mi teléfono se calienta mucho que puedo aser Add comment

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