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Existing customer for 4 years, responded to Sprint email promotion that would give us new phones "free". They took our old phones, charged us for the new ones, and now refuse to issue the promised credit. Have spent hours on the phone with customer service, and am always promised that they will make it right, then, nothing happens. Today, I spent 90 minutes (!) on the phone with a rep, and was told, "Your bill has been reviewed at the highest... Read more

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Sprint Mobil has charged me false late fees after account was closed and account paid in full. I have all credit card receipts and cancelled checks stating all payments have been paid in full and on time. Now after cancelling their service after 17 years because of bad billing practices they inform me there is a late fee owed. I was told by their rep. at time of cancellation the exact amount to be paid.....That check was sent out cancellation... Read more

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Switched to sprint they sent my phones to the wrong address. Charged me 2x for 2 lines. Service was non existent sent back their equipment after less than 3 weeks service with them and now over 2 months latet being charged over 400 dollars for less than 3 weeks worth of lousy service. Told me that they are waiting for the 2 phones,that were sent back to warehouse i have proof, to adjust the cost. That i would have to wIt for the warehouse to log... Read more

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Scandalous, Horrible, I was a customer of Sprint until I finally had enough of there bad customer service, or I should say no customer service. Everytime I would try and get hold of a live person I would be placed in circle of pressing buttons and waiting on the phone for a minimum of 45 minutes. Yes most give up at that point. That's there way of not dealing with complaint or issues. Apparently I was always in that %1 area. South Dakota no... Read more

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Ordered an Iphone 7 plus for my wife for our first wedding anniversary. Requested to update the shipping address that they have already on the system and the lady changed the billing address instead . I called them the next day realizing that the package is out for delivery to a wrong address and requested them to update the address , the lady whom i was talking to simply hang up the phone when i asked her to connect the supervisor to escalate... Read more

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I ordered a new iphone 7 on December 21st. It is now January 10th and I STILL do not have it. Sprint gave the wrong address to the delivery service so on December 23rd, I had to give the correct address to the delivery service. This delivery service has now had my phone for 18 days and is so *** and incompetent morons, that they are absolutely incapable of finding a 6th story office building on a major street in downtown Glendale. At this point,... Read more

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Sprint is the worst cell phone company that anyone could ever choose PLEASE NOONE GO WITH SPRINT! The amount for 2 phones I could make a morgage payment its truly pathetic SPRINT I paid my complete full total bill $322.67 on December 02, 2016 I was so happy to finally be paying still to much for 2 phones but over $120 I was dropping my son off at school we noticed our phones shut off funny no warning not *** just turnrd off My son has juvenile... Read more

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We have had a number of providers over the years, but Sprint was by far the worst. Switched from AT&T when they first introduced their "cut your bill in half" promotion. Started off bad from the start, we were told we could upgrade every 6 months, bill was supposed to be $130 + taxes/month, great coverage in our home and such. The service was horrendous, never had service, no matter where you were and no, we do not live in the middle of nowhere.... Read more

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Nothing but a run around. I have had Sprint this time for about 8 yrs & no problems only to run into a giant headache. My phone froze & never turned on again. Mind you I did nothing to it, it still has the original plastic on it & has been in a ballistic case since day one. I go to the Sprint store nearest to my house & am told that they changed the policy of replacing phones the day before. I now need to drive over an hour away the a corporate... Read more

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Lied to about my monthly bill payment change. I was told by the analyst that I'd owe a pro rated bill one month and a regular bill the next month. Lo and behold they billed me for TWO FULL MONTHS in ONE MONTH. I called to speak to a supervisor who said they'd do an investigation with the analyst I spoke to. I never heard back. I called to speak to another supervisor a week later and he said a manager would call in 72 hours and I never heard back... Read more

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