I ordered a I phone 7+ and it was delivered on September 21 however it was only an iPhone 7 not a plush. I returned it immediately to the store that same day and still do not have a credit to my account. Two earlier calls resulted with assurances that my account would be credited but now I'm receiving threats of cancellation and discontinuing service. Today's phone call with Sprint result it only in them saying they never received the phone...
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DONT ANYONE EVER TELL ME SAMSUNG IS A GOOD PHONE CUZ I CAN PROVW YOU WRONG! My galaxy s5 is having issue with powering on all day today 5/31. I have to remove the battery then reboot it to come on; So I finally called sprint and they keep telling me (for other issues i have with the phone is to go to the repair store which I have told them repeatedly I can not do I've tried almost everything but a system restore. I was however given options all...
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Okay so I have an s5 through sprint and my case where my battery etc is. Has black marks on it. I sent them messages on twitter and they respond back telling me to go to the repair store. The repair store closet to me is in Frederick. I told them several times i dont have transportation and that a cab would cost a lot to and from so the send me a response telling me that they'll credit my account for my cab ride???? Ill try to attach the message...
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Sprint! They are stealing money from people who they think do not know how to interpret the bill! How do you explain this?? Overcharged and double charged!! Be careful when you decide to deal with this company!!
I recieved a promotion of $30.00 via Email, if i do upgrade my old i phone and lease the I6 the offer was, $25.00 for being a loyalty customer, and paying only $5.00 extra for lease each phone for 2 years, since i did the update i being having a lot a strees and headecks, loosing my time and dealing with some unprofessional people, i lost 9 hours of my time since this issue, last time a talked to Ms. Mayra and she went back to the date i did the...
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Anonymous They know exactly what they are doing. Sprint operates with the philosophy of lying to their customers just to appease them in the moment and they will continue to lie until ...

I have an issue with a Samsung galaxy S5 phone where it overheats. I've contacted my cell phone provider Sprint they sent me another phone with no battery or charger. Then I switch the battery from the old phone to the new phone and its overheating. I contacted Samsung who contacted sprint and the lady at sprint tells me I have to wait two days before contacting them back about the phone overheating issues and they'd have me to swap out two or...
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Anonymous It’s being nice to have this phone and my decision to buy this phone is correct. Its 16 MP of back camera helps to capture all memorable moments with clarity. Strong battery p...

Very recently, after 14 yrs with #Verizon, I switched to #sprint, to take advantage of their iPhone forever plan, as well as save a few bucks. This is a quote, written by a #sprint store sales rep. ONE month later, trying to utilize the promotions that I signed up for, only to find out, I'm not eligible. #Sprint hasn't learned what the power of social media can do! I've wasted HOURS on the phone with your reps, some who don't speak English! Lies...
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WTF absolutely no customer service training is provided at this location! walked in at 4:50pm all employees just standing around chit chatting. a customer rep remind you this is HIS job to take info and ask what the problem is! bounce from computer to another then he figures out which one actually works. he ask for the reason why we're there ( phone freezes up). trying to enter the password the phone is not taking. the customer REP has the...
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I owned an HTC One Max, paid over $500.00 for it. Had it 1 year and 2 weeks. And all of a sudden, just shut off and never turned bavk on. Since the phone was over a year old it couldnt be replaced. So, i end up having to get a new phone. So, that was 12 days ago. Since then, ive been in the store and on a continuous facebook conversation 'resolving' my issue. Tomorrow, my 14 days will be up and there isnt any resolusion to my issue....
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Anonymous Looks like your phone has been hit by the Spam Monster! You need to take it to a Sprint repair center to have this cleaned up

My wife and I (both retired) had purchased our Samsung Galaxy III phones two years earlier from this store and found the service lacking. But living in the neighborhood' we optimistically, thought the learning curve would have taken hold in the span of two years. Were we completely wrong! We entered the store and signed in with the response "we'll be right with you." After at least 30 minutes and a false start i. e. our names were called only to...
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I liked
  • Proximity of the store to my home
I didn't like
  • Misrepresentation

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I moved from Denver, Colorado to the New Haven area in Connecticut. In Denver the service was great, in CT it was practically non-existent. After a few months of putting up with dropped GPS signal, dropped calls, you name it... I went into a couple of Sprint stores and they had no suggestions or solutions. I finally switched to Verizon out of necessity. Needless to say, I was raging mad at having to pay a $280 early termination fee for what was...
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lbp1405 Only poor people go with Sprint. Everybody else knows they SUCK! Duh!


MyBallsOnSprintsFace Sprint has garbage service, and employees who cannot comprehend the simplest problem.