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We previously had 3 Evo 4G's and paid for the TEP insurance which, according to Sprint, would replace a damaged, lost or stolen phone with a new phone by paying a $50 deductible. When we upgraded phones this past July to the newer EVO 4G LTE we were told the same thing, new phones would be provided in the event of loss, damage or stolen. Even though the premium increased by $3 for each phone ($8 to $11) we continued with the policies for each... Read more

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I received a collections letter stating i owe SPRINT $664.56, and they are willing to settle for 1/2 the payment of $332.28. Obviously not! I dont have an account with sprint! I will file a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and the POST MASTER... There are many scams out there, Always notice if there are more than one acct. number/address, more than likely is a scam. ATERSO01, is using (Convergent/outsourcing, INC.) The addresses are, ATERSO01 PO... Read more

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Hello, I tried to transfer the ownership of one of my Sprint lines to my sister and it has been a really disaster The process started last Saturday (11/2) when we filed the forms online, then calling back on Monday (11/4) to finish the transaction. My sister was unable to get the new account approved because of her credit; the representative -from the Philippines who was reading a script for every question we had- were not very knowledgeable of... Read more

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I had sent an email privately to Sprint's Executive Relations about this, but they never replied back. Most likely because I am no longer a customer. So I am going to post this here and now; in the hopes that Sprint gets rid of their Outsourced CC. Which is killing the company. Up until recently I had been with Sprint for 3 years. I was also with Nextel for several months before they became part of Sprint. Sprint once had in my opining the... Read more

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Dear CEO, Hi. Even before introducing myself, let me address an obvious first question. Why is this lengthy email worth the time of the CEO of such a huge company? Why is this different then millions of other emails you receive? I'm sure you're wondering that. Its a great question, and promise it will be answered. I hope that the CEO is indeed the recipient of this email and is kind enough to read it in its entirety. To honorable CEO - please... Read more

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There is a sameness here that should be obvious to anyone who reads this pile of complaints. Sprint-Nextel seems to care about just one thing: you paying them money. There is no customer service. People at Sprint-Nextel routinely promise anything and do nothing or blame the customer for some failure. This seems to be a dishonest organization; dare I say it, a corrupt organization that has zero regard for anything but their compensation. Last... Read more

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This is the *** I get from sprint on LTE issues normally they fix it now they dont want to... Hi there I have asked before just curious of the LTE in the 21740 zip code is supposed to be bouncing back and forth its pretty strong now but tends to drop down and back up again Hello Veronica, thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately there is an issue with the coverage in your area. We have submitted a report to our Network Repair Team, who are... Read more

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bought my htc evo cell phone from sprint, and had to make total changes to my business account which has many phone lines, just for buying this phone. anyhow after 3 weeks of use, the charger port became loose and now will not charge at all. took into sprint store for replacement, was told i would have to send to asurian, their insurance agent, and pay $100 deductible. i then called their customer service and explained the phone was not charging... Read more

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I've been a Sprint Nextel customer since 2005 and I am dissapointed to say that my favourite cell carrier became one of my biggest nightmares. I work as a truck driver and I travel a lot in the U.S. and Canada as well. In 2008 I replaced the phone I had then with another one from Sprint that was advertised at a lower price if I was to renew my 2 year agreement. Until then all my incoming calls were free and I never got charged roaming in Canada... Read more

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Sprint - Review about Samsung Galaxy S5 from Hagerstown, Maryland
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I have an issue with a Samsung galaxy S5 phone where it overheats. I've contacted my cell phone provider Sprint they sent me another phone with no battery or charger. Then I switch the battery from the old phone to the new phone and its overheating. I contacted Samsung who contacted sprint and the lady at sprint tells me I have to wait two days before contacting them back about the phone overheating issues and they'd have me to swap out two or... Read more

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