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I have informed delivery from upsp. Post office tells you have mail coming, before it arrives.

It's a free service of the post office. So, I have a lrtter arriving from these wallowing bottom barrel slime collectors. They are a division of convergent. I have a cease and desist to convergent.

T Mobile refused to take their return policy phone back within timeline. T Mobile already has 210.00 and wants 590.00 more I gave phone to AT&T and they said they would credit me or pay off T Mobile. Liars, they did neither, but that's a whole other story. T Mobile said they could service my area, but it was fake sales to sell me a phone.

Now hounding me for money, but refused to take their phone after their main 611 operator said to return it.

Now Sprint merged, and I wonder who is now trying to collect? I will make copy of envelope and send FTC, and the new Nick Mulvaney *** government agency , plus Sprint and T Mobile letters this PA slime, and Convergent all letters. I have over 30 hours of harrassment and have become sick over this T Mobile. They called me, and had a professional condensending actor that tried to hypnotize me into saying everything was my fault for T Mobile not having service in my area.

No one on street has T mobile service. They are slime.

Should have know with 6 trips to their store and only saw ONE ( 1 ) custormer there, and he was complaining. Naples, Fl

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What exactly are you talking about? And what does having informed delivery from the post office have anything to do with this

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