I received a collections letter stating i owe SPRINT $664.56, and they are willing to settle for 1/2 the payment of $332.28. Obviously not! I dont have an account with sprint!

I will file a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and the POST MASTER...

There are many scams out there, Always notice if there are more than one acct. number/address, more than likely is a scam.

ATERSO01, is using (Convergent/outsourcing, INC.) The addresses are,


PO Box 1022

Wixom MI 48393-1022

Convergent Outsourcing. INC.

10750 Hammerly BLVD. #200

Houston, TX 77043

Convergent Outsourcing, INC.

PO Box 9004

Renton WA 98057-9004

"Do not give your EMAIL"

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Account.

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I just received a notice from this same address. Except mine says it's a PayPal account that is trying to collect. I have never had an account with PayPal.


Hello I don't have account aterosq1 where is con from????? $561.10 it wrong


Received the same letter,I will be sending it back shredded in the return evelope.Assured satisfaction lol


Not sure why I received someone's mail but the address is Aterso01 PO Box 1280 Oaks, PA 19458-1280


My Son just received a collection letter from them,the return address is in Pa


I just got a letter stating I owe sprint and I never had a phone with sprint! Bull!!


I just got the same thing and don't have this acct.from same people.I thought something was up

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1303359

March 8, 2017 - similar letter, including the ATERSO01 / Wixom MI and Convergent (Renton, WA) addresses. But mine claims to be a collection letter for Suddenlink, which is apparently a cable company that doesn't do business in my home city.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1210699

September 10, 2016 and I got a letter like the ones described here from the very same scam artists. Please report them to the government... https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds


Ok, here's the deal in the state of Florida. The statue of limitations veries from type of loan or contract.

For these type of limitations you can find it online for your state. Phone contracts have a statue of limitations in Florida for 5 years. Thereafter you don't owe ANYTHING !


that will BUY the old loan from these companies and peruse you even after the statue of limitations runs out !

These lowlife companies will take you to court.... a washed up Attorny will talk to you before court and try to get you to ... 1) acknowledge **** the loan. And 2) try to look like a good guy by telling you he will lower the amount !!!

What an ASSCLOWN !

YOU must know your rights....

1) NEVER NEVER NEVER....ACKNOWLEDGE A LOAN PASSED LIMITATIONS..... don't ever say yes that's my loan in court. Even the small clamps Judge can not make you say that it it your loan after limitations.

2) When you are questioned by the other side attorney you NEVER admit it's your loan...

When it's YOUR TURN to question the Attorny You ask him what is the delinquent date of the loan.....ask him is that date passed the statue of limitations.....if it is.... he must admit it is in front of the Judge. 3) YOU ask the attorney..... did you provide me with discovery......

do you have the ORIGINAL CONTRACT with my Signature on it ...... I guarantee the Attorny will *** their pants. Bottom line, don't allow attorneys to bully you into paying an old out of date loan. That's who these companies make money off of buying dead loans.


know your rights and know the protections you have under the fair credit act. Stand your ground....


I just receive a collection notice from ATERS001 for 528.98. I have no idea what it is for but will settle if I pay 185.98 to clear the account its a scam.

to Really #1035247

It's not a scam it's a settlement. You should take it.

to lady #1392415

No, it’s a scam. Sounds like you’re part of it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #958446

Got a letter from ATERSO01 I knew it was a fraud when I seen a PO Box number. Plus don't have a sprint phone, and never had a sprint phone.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #913200

received a letter in a marriage name that has not been used for over 10 years do not have an outstanding bill because the account is active in my maiden name.

to tee #932566

Interesting. My name is Tee and I just got a letter in my married name and I've been divorced for 11 years!!

I didn't open it. Looked up aterso01 and found this post.

I'm sound a RTS on this. Idiots!!

to Tee Satellite Beach, Florida, United States #933781

exactly the same as above and above ...glad you women commented this help this divorced over ten years gal not open hers but write not at this address returned. Thank you.


My wife got a letter from these people about an account she had with AT&T Wireless ten years ago. The account is long since paid.

Even if it wasn't, the statute of limitations passed several years ago.

A similar thing happened to me a few years ago concerning an account with Time Warner Cable - an account that had been closed over a decade earlier.

I wonder how many people are ignorant to the fact that they no longer owe accounts when the statute of limitations expires.

Think before you write a check.

You may not owe a cent! And whatever you do, don't admit to owing them anything, or you risk restarting the statute of limitations.


I think if we all flood all the Police Departments with copies of these letters and complaints about these companies they will eventually do something. Granted the Attorney General just files them away. It is a waste of time and breath to send them any complaint.


Today I received this letter from ATERSO01 and Convergent stating that owed them $127.04. I never heard of them.

I decided to call the number and it turned out to be Direct TV that answered. I have never heard of these companys and I do not have Direct TV. So today I thought I would look it up and I come up with Sprint and guess, what?

I don't have Sprint either. By the way, the account is with Entergy-Gulf States GI.

Does anyone know who they are.

They are certainly not in the area where I live. This is a total scam and this letter is going to the FBI-not that they will do anything, BBB, FTC, Police Dept in every state I can find they exists and anyone else who will listen and get these low life bottom feeding suckers off the streets and put them where they belong.

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