I received a collections letter stating i owe SPRINT $664.56, and they are willing to settle for 1/2 the payment of $332.28. Obviously not! I dont have an account with sprint!

I will file a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and the POST MASTER...

There are many scams out there, Always notice if there are more than one acct. number/address, more than likely is a scam.

ATERSO01, is using (Convergent/outsourcing, INC.) The addresses are,


PO Box 1022

Wixom MI 48393-1022

Convergent Outsourcing. INC.

10750 Hammerly BLVD. #200

Houston, TX 77043

Convergent Outsourcing, INC.

PO Box 9004

Renton WA 98057-9004

"Do not give your EMAIL"

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Account.

Location: Bossier City, Louisiana

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I received a letter from convergent outsourcing saying I owed $125.98 but they would take a reduce payment of $63.25 if paid buy a certain date. this so called debt was thru PayPal credit.

So I responded letting them know that I don't have a PayPal credit account. they sent me a letter back saying the debt was valid, with some charges on this letter made back in 2006 and 2012 and the letter had PayPal's logo on it.

So I called paypal and they gave me there paypal credit phone#, so I called them and talk to a automated voice saying they could not find me in there system and then it asked to try a different way and asked for my full SS# that's when I just hung up.This leads me to wonder if paypal credit might be part of this scam? what do you think?


want the old phone back because they were stole out of desk from house they walk in because my sister call because somebody need mother they were my know body should touch them


I sent them a phone after I switched plans because they stated “we don’t take phones back in store” so they gave me a pre-labeled box to send it in. 5 years and many attempts at tracking later and they still say they never received it. Usps confirmed it was delivered.


If you don't have a account with Sprint ? Then don't worry


Also PO Box 1280 oaks PA 19456, I HAVE had T Mobile 4 over 25 years . Never used Sprint.


I just got one for Mervyn's for 35% off the bill.


That's funny stuff. Having the same co. for 25 yrs.!




Sprint is a bad phone service, they lure people for service and later charge a huge bill obliviously. They also have a very crazy policy which doesn't allow customers a relief when in service with them.

They're not trustworthy network.

Their rules are insane to accept, and you'll pay big money in the lease. Don't use sprint


It's worth calling Sprint to double check that you do NOT have a fraud account opened in your name. Going through all this now.


We received one from ATERSO01 “Covergent Outsourcing Inc” saying we owe suntrust bank. Willing to settle for half as well. What a scam!


Definitely a scam. I got the same letter saying that I owe approximately 2k to PayPal for Sprint.

Never had accts with either of those. Best form of action is to contact the BBB.


I got the same type of letter except the debt I supposedly owed was to Citizens Bank NA for $23,447.24 and I could "settle" for $5,861.81. HA!

I have NEVER owed Citizens Bank a dime! I checked my credit report and saw "CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, 800 SW 39TH ST RENTON, WA 98057, (888) 871-2279 Inquired on 12/07/2018".

If Convergent Outsourcing is a legitimate credit collections company, maybe they've been hacked and this ATERSO01 is using th e information to create phony debts. I am filing a complaint with the BBB, Convergent, and whoever else I need to.


$$$$$$$$ IMPORTANT PLEASE READ & FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS $$$$$$ PLEASE, DO NOT send them any money. You are scamming their scam on you!

YES, it is a SCAM for I too got a letter BUT, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING 5 STEPS. 1.Tear off the payment stub & write the following on the left side, but make sure that your verbiage does not go into the right side & show through onto the area of the address window. “OK, I will take the reduced amount that you offered. Check enclosed.” DO NOT put any check inside.

2.Flip this pay stub over & on the back write the following or you can write what you want. “You F?cking SCAMMER. EAT S?IT & I got you back at having to pay the postage on this letter. Get a REAL JOB *** (Replace first ?

with a u, replace second ? with an h, & the last two $$ with SS) 3.Place this pay stub into the envelope they enclosed & lick ONLY the very middle or TIP of the glue of only about a ½”. This will allow the post office to open the envelope without destroying it & still be able to glue it back together. (Read below explanation.} 4.On the outside of the envelope for the return address, place whatever name & address the letter is addressed to, BUT NOT YOUR NAME & ADDRESS.

5.Above the address that it’s addressed to, write the following, “Postage to be paid by addressee” with an arrow, pointing to the address so there is NO confusion as who will pay for the postage. Unfortunately this envelope is not postage paid so we don’t know if the post office will deliver or not but if they open it & see what you are trying to do, maybe they will send it through since I bet they don’t like scammers either, especially if they get a lot of people sending in these letters. Your name & address is not on it but just an account number {probably fictitious anyway) so no one will know who sent it. Maybe the post office will research the address & find this post & start sending them all through & collecting postage on them.

I would assume that if the scammer is smart (HA! HA! HA!) they will pay the postage assuming that if only one person is stupid enough to pay on their scam, it will pay for ALL the postage they spend!!!!

PLEASE, DO NOT send them any money. You are scamming their scam on you!


I just did that.. pretty much. Thanks


Wtf?! I've got the same *** letter too! I ain't gonna pay no *** *** Scam!


I just received a notice from this same address. Except mine says it's a PayPal account that is trying to collect. I have never had an account with PayPal.


Hello I don't have account aterosq1 where is con from????? $561.10 it wrong


Received the same letter,I will be sending it back shredded in the return evelope.Assured satisfaction lol


Not sure why I received someone's mail but the address is Aterso01 PO Box 1280 Oaks, PA 19458-1280

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