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I personally was with my boyfriend when he purchased phones for himself & teenage son @ the Sprint PCS kiosk in the Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale, CA. He paid close to $400 for both phones, and was told he would get a carrying case and bluetooth headset for free as a promotion, and would receive about $150 in rebates via mail.

About a month later he noticed his bill had an unexpected $400 increase! He called customer service and they explained to him that he was being billed an additional $400 for the phones WHICH HE HAD ALREADY PAYED FOR AT THE KIOSK!!!

So basically this nice young lady who had assisted us turned out to be a crook whom pocked all the money! After the fact an employee at another wireless carrier kiosk said we hadn't been the first victims, and it's hard to sort all this out because Sprint allows various people/entities ownership/managment of their stores...even when you call them it seems as if each customer service agent is running their own private business with their own set of rules & regulations!

If you do purchase anything at a kiosk keep every single receipt.

He reported to the fraud department and is now scrambling around in search of the receipt!

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ur right.. but everybody shut the *** up and *** it!!!!

San Miguel De Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina #20095

First off, no sprint kiosk employee has the ability to have your account billed for the cost of any phone. Sprint Kiosks are not corporate owned...but rather RadioShack owned. Therefore how would a 3rd party affiliate have any ability whatsoever to go over your head and have Sprint bill you for something without your consent? It's simply impossible.

The fact that your boyfriend was given a receipt by the sales rep also clarifies that his $400 was accounted for in the the register, and not "pocketed". If he knows the exact date that the phones were purchased, he can go back to the said Kiosk and have the receipt reprinted simply by having the manager look it up by date & name.

As far as why the problem happened in the first place? I had the same problem with Sprint a few years ago when I got my first AirCard. The worst thing about the situation was that Sprint CS is really the bottom of the barrel when it comes to "service". The reps are all from India or the Phillipines and it took me 3 days of bantering over the phone before a specialist called me back and took care of THEIR very obvious mistake. I was credited the difference and got my activation waived as compensation.

All I want to clarify in all this is that Sprint Kiosks (aka RadioShack) were most likely not responsible for a billing error...since they are not Sprint and have no access to billing whatsoever. The culprit is most likely Sprint.itself.

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