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Been having problems with my phone for the last four months spring will not do anything for me they offered me a month and a half ago to start on my plan over again I couldn’t finish talking to them because of losing contact with my phone they will not help me and Norma will they replace my phone I cannot afford the insurance because I’m on disability also my bill has doubled in price since I signed up what the *** . I tried to contact them hundreds of times they will not help name nor will they do anything for me with replacing the phone I spent so much money on service every month and I get nothing that’ll satisfy me and my issues I love spring for two years back in 2011 2012 and I thought they had changed well I was wrong whoever signs up with Sprint you should have a jar of Vaseline and a tube of lipstick because you’re going to want to put the lipstick on before they you know what you

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