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A horrid company to deal with. While each of the customer service reps was nice, they're system is a complete failure.

I spent 4-5 hours on the phone with them trying to resolve something that was relatively simple. THEN they turned over my account to collections when I actually had a CREDIT balance. Just pathetic. They also misled me when I opened my account.

While I paid for plenty of minutes calling time each month, they were actually charging me separately for each call I made from my cell phone to a land line.

I've never heard of this before & it certainly wasn't explained to me at the time I signed the contract! Products are also inferior.

Review about: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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BOB THE NAME CALLER . why call her a *** , CRICKET does not charge extra.

Did that give leighann lewis the right to get in to my account and give out my information? :(


my sprint account was compermised by Leighann Lewis that worked for sprint. She got into my information and gave it to my boy friends wife.

I was fired and thrown in jail because she called my work, my husband, and followed me to my home.

she stole my trash and ID. 4 years latter I am still trying to get by from the damage she caused :cry


I received 2 phones and charged twice due to the staff's incompetence. I have returned second phone to them already and they are tellinbg me that I need to wait 1 to 2 billing Cycle to haver the refund to my phone bill.

bot to my credit card account. and I have to pay nearly 24% APR for 2 month due to their incompetent works!


a) was not over my minutes

b) it was not specified in the contract

This is simply a friendly warning to other potential customers. And you are hostile because...?


You deserve it for being a ***. All cell companies charge for landline calls when you go over your minutes.

Learn to read what you sign. Its all on the contract.

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