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I am not pleased with the customer service I received from Sprint. My husband and I updated our phone in July of 2008, he chose the Instinct and I the palm Treo.

At the time of the update we were not informed of the special package needed to operate the Instinct phone. We discovered the problem when we tried to activate the phone. We needed the talk/message/Data Share Plan to activate the instinct phone. I was going to exchange the phone for one that would work with our free and flex plan when we were told the new plan would only cost 129.99 and that all our phones would be covered by the plan.

My cell phone bill would not go up more than 10.00 under the new plan. Imagine my surprise when my bill came for September and it was a whopping 192.78 a total of 29.25 more than my previous plan. I called Sprint Customer Service and was told that because we had 3 phone lines under the new plan the third line would cost a whopping 19.99 per month. Now keep in mind I have been with Sprint Since 1997 and have had the same 3 phone line since 2001, and the third phone is a basic phone with no data capabilities.

After a lengthy conversation with one of Sprints Customer service Representative I felt that we were getting nowhere so I asked to speak to a manager I was immediately put on the sprint hold of death; after 1 hour went by I was given to another customer services representative not a manger or any one from the sprint retention office only to be told the same thing.

I am now locked into a two year plan with sprint but you can best bet your life as soon as this plan is up I will go to a different Cell phone company. Buyer Be-ware.

Review about: Sprint Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $247.

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