I had Sprint for a few yrs and lived up North. I moved to Ky and then to Tn. and was not able to use the phone in these locations. It would not pick up any towers.

I was caring for my uncle at that time who was sick and elderly. I had to have a phone that would work! I tried to talk to them about it. I told them It is not my fault that I cannot recieve you signals and have to purchase another kind of phone. They had told me this is a dead zone. funny.... I have NO problem with the Verizon now.

Sprint keeps calling me. They would not let me out of that contract and expected me to pay $400 to end it. I was floored. I never pd it and never will until they see me in court.

Sprint sucks! You have no compassion whatsoever. Is it right that you did this to me, knowing that I had someone to care for that may need a phone at any time.

Just not happy with Sprint. They could have waived this under the circumstances.

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