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I am sprint customer for more than 8 years, when i called them to upgrade my phone their telesales department gave an awesome offer, upgrade it to Samsung note 7 for $15.99 per month (with $10 loyalty credit) and I get another note 7 free if I added another line. First off all, I did not believe I can get kind of offer so I let that verified couple of times with that sales rep couple of time then I agreed to take that offer.

Then they transferred me to final sales department then they refused to give me that deal which is offered by their own personal. I told the rep that I would like to talk to their supervisor the lady on the call stated that I should be taking to telesales supervisor not final sales department, I insisted her to transfer me to her supervisor where she put me on hold after 10-15 minutes then I got connected with telesales again instead of final sales supervisor. I explained the situation again and got connected with telesales supervisor (again I told entire story) he refused to give offer provided by his own department. I even agreed to take 2nd phone as Galaxy which was advertised in their BOGO offer, then that supervisor start taking about that offer now costs $25.99 per month.

I told him to listen to the phone conversation that was recorded to provide me that offer then he put me on hold and then disconnected. After 3 hours on the phone with sprint customer service they refused to give me the offer that was initially given by their own team members (1. $15.99/month for note 7 for 24 months, 2. When I buy note 7 I was offer to get another note 7 for free with new line) they might have offered one of these deals by mistake, but their service rep repeated the same offer multiple times on the call by one department did get accepted by other department.

When something is promised to the customer they should offer other alternatives to the customer. But apparently they don’t even really care about the customer at all. I did told their supervisor listen to the recorded conversation multiple times but seems they don’t even care about the customer or the time that they are wasting for the customer. After 3 + hours nothing was offered to me instead they tried to transfer from department to department wasting my time finally got disconnected during those department transfers.

Is this not the first time I had this experience with their customer service, now I am kind of tired with them and decided to change to different carrier who provides better customer service. Finally if you have plenty of free time to waste you can call sprint customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Carrollton, Texas, United States #1204020

I'm having a similar situation with Sprint. Their rep offered us a deal, we agreed and now our bill is over two times the original offer.

Spent hours on the phone with Sprint customer service to no avail. Filed complaints with the BBB, FTC & FCC. Sprint rep (Cheryl) did call in response to BBB complaint but nothings been resolved.

Among the many frustrations with Sprint is I have the name and number of both the first rep and Cheryl, but you can't talk to them. Worst service ever!

Johnston, Rhode Island, United States #1203744

Yeah sure ! This is a person that works for sprint!!

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