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I was with Sprint for 16 years and decided to switch providers. I called Sprint to find out how much my last invoice would be if I canceled service that day.

The Rep told me that they pro-rate the final month and not to worry. So, i canceled my service that day. I then got a bill for almost 200 dollars. What?

I called Customer Service and explained to them what the rep told me and he said, ' I'm sorry he told you that but you pay a month in advance for service and so you owe us one more month'. I told him that it wasn't my fault that I was given incorrect information and that Sprint should take action and not hold me accountable for his mistake. I also asked them to look at the notes on my account and listen to the recorded conversation between us but they refused. Why would I pay in advance for a month that I'm not even a customer of Sprint?

I wasn't really happy with Sprint for many years but I didn't want to choose another evil company so I stuck with them.

I do not recommend them. I do recommend Ting where you only pay for what you use and the customer service is always helpful and honest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I called sprint customer service to cancel one of my four lines and start the unlimited freedom plan to lower my bill. They asked me serveral times if I wanted to just keep the line if they can lower my bill.

I told them my son got his own line and this line is no longer needed. So rep states he can only put the phone on standby until the billing cycle is over and will be disconnected on the 27th. I called back today on June 27th and it wasn’t disconnected. Rep asked me the same thing about keeping the line.

I told her no it’s no longer needed. So she states the last rep told me to call back to cancel on the 26th, but now that it’s the 27th they cannot disconnect line til the end of the next billing cycle which is July 26th. So I will be charged for 4 lines instead of three even though I told them to disconnect line on June 19th. How is this my fault and how is this even legal.

If they do this to a lot of people they are making a lot of money. Isn’t that considered stealing?

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