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To preface this, I accept my and my husband's responsibility in this situation. We should have reviewed which bills come from which accounts before he shipped out--he's in the Army--we only reviewed what bills are to be paid when.

I was under the impression Sprint needed to be paid 8/29. This morning I got to work and tried to call out on my phone. The message said something about how the number needed to be validated. I called another number and another--it must be my phone.

When I tried to call Sprint customer service it pulled up My Sprint on my phone. It looked like we paid 7/29 and the next payment was due 8/29, but there was also an alert that there was a past due amount. I headed to the store nearest my office. There were 4-5 people ahead of me.

I knew that meant I would miss a scheduled call at 9:45am. That's okay, I'll be able to call soon. Andre R. helped me at the Tyrone store.

He confirmed the account was suspended due to nonpayment. I asked why there was no warning call/text/email before service was turned on. Maybe they contacted my husband, he said. I paid, and he said service should be returned in 30 minutes.

My Sprint said 15 minutes, but that's okay. My first appointment of the day is at 11am, I have time. 30 minutes pass. An hour.

I go into my appointments blind and without tools I need because my phone is down, but my customers are understanding. Four hours later my phone still isn't working. Clearly something is wrong. Andre R.

gave me his card so I call the store I was at earlier. I think Eric answered. He had me reset my phone. Didn't work.

He said I would have to come back in. I finish with my customers and head to the Largo Mall store. It's around 4pm, but luckily there's no line. Cody J helps immediately.

He sees zero balance due, but the account is still suspended and he doesn't understand why. We call a direct customer service line. I explain the situation and am put on hold. After talking with her supervisor, the representative tells me I paid with a different card than we usually pay with so there's a 24 hour hold, nothing she can do.

I ask if she's sure and she reaffirms, nothing she can do. I ask if the account will be credited in some way since service is suspended 24 hours. She was shocked, kind of laughed. No, the account won't be credited, sorry.

Honestly I cried on the way home. When I got there I called back in to customer service. They're able to restore service, but now there's a reconnection fee of $36. No one else mentioned this.

I explain that I had no idea service was going to be suspended or that a bill was due, no one explained there would be a reconnection fee either. Tough luck. Okay, what's the cost to leave Sprint? I'm transferred to another department that handles that.

This representative was, I think, a good person, but she couldn't give me what I wanted: a simple "I'm sorry about that, ma'am, we'll waive the fee this time, but next time you'll have to pay it." I don't think that is unreasonable. We went back and forth about account credits of $10, and she ultimately applied a credit to our bill. Didn't remove the reconnection fee or give credit to absorb the full cost of it. She reviewed the costs to leave then for some reason threw in a jab of "well it's his name on the account so you can't make any changes anyway." I was sure to let her know with Power of Attorney I certainly could change anything I like.

Overall I feel abused.

Why would anyone want to be in business with a company who treats people like this? Surely with the price we pay each month we could find a company happy to have us as customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Unlimited Freedom Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Treated poorly, No compromise.

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