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ok so 3 days ago my 2 sprint cell phones arrive for me and my girlfriend through letstalk.com (btw more than excellent service from letstalk). So we are eager to mess with the phones and we notice that we get little to no signal at our own house. I then find out that the anytime anymobile feauture is almost useless in my plan because cell phone tends to roam and that counts against my minutes. I also find out all around the city i get great coverage so my problem is the small area i live in. i call sprint to resolve the issue and after getting transferred like a dummy i find out they have a device that can resolve my issue called airave.

With the airave i can boost the signal in my phone and not roam and use all my feautures. only problem is that sprint wants me to pay $100 for the device then $5 more for the service (talk about nickel and diming) and since when is it my fault that i don have signal at my place. After all the transferring going around i find out that some people actually get the device and service for free except i cant qualify because i havent been with them a year while they know that with this roaming i may not b able to be with them that long since they will boot me if i roam too much. its ridiculous...im on my 30 days and they rather keep $100 than my loyalty as a customer. After speaking to a manager all she ended up telling me was that she could not give it to me because i am in my 30 days and i can jus cancel out anyways after they give me the airave. thats ***, as i can just be obligated to return the device if i was to do that i wont mind.

its sad to see that pretty much they rather save $100 then get my $180 a month in service charges. i was pretty much told to just switch to another carrier. i feel no sort of appreciation as a customer and is ridiculous that i would have to pay $100 to see if that improves my signal to then decide if i can keep them or not...and what if the device doesnt fix the issue and what if it doesn?..i wasted 100$???...its just not right i switched to this carrier and now i feel like im getting treated as a lil child and paid no mind to. I cant believe your customer service and appreciation.

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We have AT&T and while there is a tower 2 miles away, we get horrible signal in our house. We purchased a MicroCell (similar to the airave, I think, but a different carrier, obviously) for $149 and it runs through our internet.

We get excellent signal now.

Just to say - while you aren't happy about it, it might be worth it to just buy the airave :)

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