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I have been having the WORST cell phone service from Sprint that I've had in the ten years + in this past 6 wks! This is July 1st 2013.

My husband too. Almost every other outgoing call that I make is getting me my voice echoed back into my ear. I have had to hang up and use our land line to make any outgoing calls, and because of financial limitations, I had to block all long distance calls or anything considered a "toll call" by our carrier. I could not find a phone number on the Sprint website or the bill for tech support.

There is NO "chain of command" where a customer can call and get directed to the proper rep the first time. I ended up having to do an online chat and ended up with a rep who gave me a "tech number" to call. I asked if he could provide a credit for the lost/crappy service we've been getting and he only managed to scrape up $25 for us. We are paying almost $200 a month for our service and this is what we get!

When I complained to him about the echo, he claimed that there was no reports of anything like that in the 91201 Glendale CA area in that time frame. So the burden of proof is on MY shoulders! Because we are in financial distress and were only able to pay half our phone bill this month, which has only happened a few times in the last ten years, every attempt to call them resulted with the recording that we our bill is overdue and how would I like to pay up? There were NO options to bypass the message!

Every other phone number I tried to call thru gave me the same opening line. They just want their money and they are not interested in HEARING ME. I get the feeling that maybe Sprint is deliberately scrambling or jamming our signal because we are in financial distress? But it's not like I've been avoiding them?

So now to get any help, it's like I am getting forced to go into a Sprint store whether I am able to or not?

Is anyone else out there getting abused by this company like we are? Thanks.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Lucasville, Ohio, United States #897579

I have the same trouble now on all 4 phones on my plan. You would think paying $240 a month for cell service and all new upgraded phones it would work.I have been a Sprint customer for 18 years and am ready to change. Fed up and pissed off rite now....

Paramus, New Jersey, United States #707923

Fyi afte further search on this issue I found a number of same complaint on the Sprint website and it appears to be a national level issue...all different area codes and there were replies that allegedly came from am actual Sprint customer service rep that allege they are aware of the issue and are working on it. I am however not comforted by the fact that the complaint is started in July and there are still people commenting with problems right up through August 23rd!

Soooo while they are apparently aware of it, there does not seem to be an end in sight either!

At least that reinforces my belief that they have not targeted you for bill payment reasons. Definitely something I will talk to them about when I go to inquire on my upgrade!

Paramus, New Jersey, United States #707915

We as Sprint users have had the same issues with echoing and initially I thought was just my phone, until it was also happening to my husband. I also very frequently have issues calling in general and again thought, my phone.

After seeing these comments I see that is not the case. That said, it is very aggravating and I have not called them because of the hassle it always is but it is also my experience that nowadays it is that way just about everywhere! Nobody cares to do a thorough job and they automate everything they can. There is no way though that you haven't been able to reach a live person and especially when you owe them money.

I'm surprised they are not calling you for it. I have been late once accidentally and was not even aware of it until they suspended my service with no warning whatsoever. The service was particularly terrible with text, internet AND telephone during Hurricane Sandy when we needed it the most but I had to accept their excuses that there were many towers down in the area since the storm was so devastating but we barely had any services for almost a month. They did make good with credit.

I have had multiple issues with Sprint but never pursued those that were never quite fully resolved because of the hassle if they were not essential to my functioning and wellbeing. Unfortunately the substandard service and customer care is just something that I have sadly come to expect from just about everyone these days. Sprint is considerably cheaper with their unlimited plan so I guess to some degree we get what they pay for. As for them specifically making it difficult for you because of the partial bill payment, that is just not even remotely true.

They have so many customers and do not have the time or manpower to target the many millions who cannot always make their full payments. They may suck but I assure you that is not part of your problem. Good luck though.

I am due for my upgrade in a few days and plan on sticking with them unless their prices suddenly soar because they are within budget and most things are working most of the time. :x

Palmdale, California, United States #679842

We have ten business lines with Sprint, all of which have this same issue of outgoing call echo problems. It took us three calls to Sprint to get them to admit the problem.

The first call led to me hanging up after they told me to replace all my phones they were defective! They are no admitting the issue and sending us boosters to use at specific locations (it won't help out and about).

They also said the problem may continue for months. We asked for a credit but were denied, unbelievable.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #674505

My Sprint EVO 4G LTE has the same issue.

Is anyone else integrating Google Voice?

Los Angeles, California, United States #673508

My I phone 4 is doing the same thing, and I have Sprint! I live in North Hollywood.

I am so pissed. This should not be something I should have to deal with :? :upset

to Terena Glendale, California, United States #673518

Hi Terena,

Oh, I couldn't agree more. I am waiting to see who else responds to my complaint. I blasted Sprint on Twitter and Facebook so I am just biding my time. My husband is a tech and he says that Cell phone companies have the ability to "THROTTLE" your phone speed or whatever that is that makes it function. That means that maybe they are doing this just to twist our arms to pay up. I just paid what I could towards our bill and now I am going to try calling people to see if I still get an echo. If I DO, oh so help me I would dearly love to prove this in a court of law and sue these bastards in a class action, but that takes a LOT of people with the SAME complaint to prove it. What do YOU think?


Lauri :(

to Gingerkins Kathleen, Georgia, United States #681447

I would love to see sprint in court. They rip consumers off daily.

I however left them after my daughters car broke down last week. We were on the family plan. She was trying to reach me and vice versa at 10:30 pm. There were 23 calls made between the two of us that we're dropped, echoes, or never went through.

That was my last straw. My contract was up with sprint so the very next morning I switched to Verizon. When I contacted sprint about the remaining phones on my plan, they proceeded to tell me that there was an outage in my area and credited my account which I am still pondering if I am going to pay. They really don't deserve a penny from me or any of their customers.

How do they get away with it? From honest people who try to pay their bills and do the right thing and get trampled on in the process.

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