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I am so frustrated with this service, it has been nothing but problems since we signed the contract. I was a loyal customer of AT&T for 10 years and when Sprint was offering something cheaper we thought we could switch.

Little did we know it would be the worst mistake we ever made. We signed up in 2015 a plan for five people all with iPhone 6 Plus. Each person on the plan paid $65 a month for two years. All five iPhone 6 pluses we're broken in less than one year, and all five for the same reason.

A common problem among iPhone 6 pluses has been reported that the batteries expand pushing the screen off of the device and therefore rendering it unusable. All five people on this plan we're forced to make a decision, pay the fair market value of the device which is over $200 and then resign a new contract with a new device which will then also up the payment monthly or go with option 2 which was to turn in the device after it's been fixed and get out of the plan. Since the devices were unable to be fixed they were all forthwith option one paying $200 Andrey signing a new contract with a new device and paying more monthly. Not every person on this plan had the $200 to pay to get a new device so for me I've been paying $65 a month for the past year and have not been able to use the phone once.

I've called customer service I've begged and pleaded at the store and online as well as on the phone with Sprint to work with me in some way. I was met with horrible customer service and rude staff that was unwilling to help. So here I am 24 months into this plan that I only signed up for 2 years and have been paying every month on time the $65 for my phone that I haven't used in over a year.

I was so relieved to finally finish this horrid contract and get on with my life but to my dismay even though my phone is paid off and my contract is up the only way I can get out of paying $65 a month is to pay the fair market value of the phone which is still over $200. So to anyone who is thinking of signing up with Sprint please run the other way because the worst thing you could do is sign a contract with Sprint PCS.

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Is exactly what happens to me right now, they sell the plans with lies and two months later they come with high bills , please stay away from sprint , is the most deshonest company I ever deal.

Santa Clarita, California, United States #1353916

Same here! Literally just got off the phone in tears because they will not let me leave.

My phone is paid off all I want is out I don't have the money to pay to get out of it so here I am stuck in a contract forever all because I don't have $200 to pay off a phone that's already paid off weird right. And don't worry just tell your friends family co-workers anyone you know and sooner or later they'll change

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