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I had Embarq when they were called Sprint (back in 2005). I had MAJOR problems with them. I had their cell phone service and because of where I was moving to, they were the only home landline provider.

I called to schedule hookup. The day arrived and nobody came. I called - they said someone did come. There are 4 people in my household and we were home ALL day - never heard a knock or saw a truck (and we live on a secluded, dead-end road with a huge picture window giving us direct vision to every vehicle that passes, so it's impossible that someone actually came and we didn't see them). Anyway, they rescheduled about 2 weeks out. That was a pain because it meant we'd have to use our cell phones until then.

They came and tried to do the hookup - I can't remember exactly what the problem was, but they couldn't complete hookup...had to reschedule again - more cell phone minute usage until then. I complained to them about that - told them I wanted a refund for the overage of minutes I was using because of them (i.e., I was using my cell phone to talk to Sprint customer service A LOT, which caused me to go over my minutes limit).

After everything was hooked up, found out their DSL wasn't up to par - I couldn't work from home because I couldn't connect to my job's VPN because of the slow DSL service. That day, I called to cancel the service. They tried to charge me a disconnect fee (mind you, this was only 1-3 days after the hookup). I explained that I needed another ISP because I worked from home sometimes and needed an ISP that was fast enough to allow me to connect to my work VPN. After much complaining and wasting time, they finally waived the disconnect fee; however, they wouldn't reimburse me for my cell phone minutes used while talking to Sprint customer service (and sitting on hold for them too).

I wrote a letter to the BBB and was immediately contacted by a 'higher-up' at Sprint who promptly refunded me my money. Since that time I've NEVER used Sprint. I got Vonage in 2005 and have used it for my only home phone service for almost 4 years now. I even pay an extra $2-3 for my home security system for wireless service because I don't have a landline phone for the monitoring service to use.

Last Friday I got a call from a DirecTV salesperson who wanted to 'win back' my account. I love DirecTV - only left because Comcast offered me savings w/a TV and Internet bundle. I asked the salesperson about TV/Internet/Home Phone bundling - they partner with Embarq. I said I don't like Embarq and told them why. The person said Embarq had done major upgrades and that the DSL service was faster now, plus customer service was much improved. I decided to proceed.

This morning, I talked to a co-worker who has had the TV/Internet/Home Phone bundle with Embarq for a while now and she doesn't like Embarq - has had billing issues and says the customer service is horrible. Thus, I called this morning to cancel my installation order. They're not open yet (it's 7:46 AM EST), but I will be calling at 8 AM to cancel and make sure they don't come to install this Thursday!

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