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When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money.Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint's insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to purchase the replacement phone the full price, sometimes $300 or more per phone. The only thing the insurance affords you is a $50 deductible off that price. Not only that, but the "˜new' phone will not even be new, but a refurbished old phone, probably broken by some previous Sprint customer sucker.

However if you've kept your old phone, you can simply get them to reactivate that. It means you need no insurance and you need never buy a new phone until you become eligible for your next upgrade, whereupon you will be sold a brand new phone at a substantially reduced price.

Perhaps, if, after several years, you find that you have accumulated phones, then why not give Sprint your oldest, carppiest phone for the $20 and teach them a lesson about being suckered. Whatever you do though, always keep the most recent phone from which you have just upgraded.

The tracker ball on my husband's Blackberry stopped working, Sprint refused to fix it, made him buy a new phone and then gave him $20 off in exchange for his "˜unfixable' old phone. Suckered!!!

Maxine Ryder

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knowing that my phone would get a lot of use I purchased the insurance. For a year the phone was ok.

Then the display would sometimes go out. Finally the display died, but I could still recieve calls. So I took it to the Sprint service center in King of Prussia Pa to get replaced. The tech opened it and said water was in it and there's nothing they can do I would need to pay $100 to get it replaced.

I tried to explain that water didn't get in it, the metals on the inside were not rusted, the water marker wasn't red, there wasn't any evidence that water was in it. yet this tech that did nothing more that look at the phone (she didn't even test it) has deemed the phone as unrepairable. What a waste of money and time. I just reactivated a old phone.

By the way. AFTER the tech touched the - it now doesn't even power up let alone receive calls.


I have to agree with J richards, sprint is awesome, and has always taken care of me. The deductible is 50 dollars :)


Sprint does not require you to purchase a new phone when you have insurance, and the deductible is not a "50.00 Discount" off the full price of the phone as you say. It covers the full cost of your replacement phone, less your deductible. Also, regarding refurbished phones...your phone was likely used at the time of loss, so what makes you think you should receive a new one?

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