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When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money.

Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint's insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to pay a $100 deductible for a smartphone or $50 deductible for a regular phone. I paid $150 for my smartphone when i first purchased it with Sprint, but with Sprint's insurance i'd have to pay two thirds of that value for a replacement! So what's my $7 a month for then?!

To add further insult, the "˜new' phone will not even be new, but a refurbished old phone, probably broken by some previous Sprint customer sucker.

However if you've kept your old phone, you can simply get them to reactivate that. It means you need no insurance and you need never pay for a new phone until you become eligible for your next upgrade, whereupon you will be sold a brand new phone at a substantially reduced price.

Perhaps, if, after several years, you find that you have accumulated old phones, then why not give Sprint your oldest, crappiest phone for the $20 and teach them a lesson about being suckered. Whatever you do though, always keep the phone from which you have just upgraded, as that old phone is now your insurance.

The tracker ball on my husband's Blackberry stopped working, Sprint refused to fix it, made him buy a new phone and then gave him $20 in exchange for his 'unfixable' old phone. Suckered !!!

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All of you are wrong. Insureance does save money.

Just like for car insurance, If you get in a wreck you pay a deductible to get the car fixed or apprasied. So all your doing by sitting here stating thatbyou have to pay a deductible for insurance is showing just how moronic you are.

I have read almost 100 reviews of customers who like to blame everyone but themseleves.


Blackberry trackballs are like $3 on the web and take at most 5 minutes to replace. I mean everyone should at least try something themselves first before giving away their money and then complaining about it on the internet later. Besides, the insurance is a choice, not an obligation. Other than that, I like the ebay back-up phone strategy, one I have employed once or twice over the years. :)

Also, Sprint doesn't charge a deductible for replacing phones that lack physically-identifiable damage. Just stay mindful of your phone's safety and accidents will be fewer and farther between.

That is unless of course you've got this website bookmarked for purposes of constant contribution, then, by all means...

P.S. You get 3 free replacements per year as long as they aren't abused, so just don't go caveman on your sh*t. Rooted EVO 4G owner out~ /stageleft


Absolutely !! The insurance is good for NOTHING !!

a few days ago, i broke my phone. So, as per my advice above, i dusted off my old phone, took it to Sprint store and got them to reactivate that. Then i went on ebay and paid $100 for a new backup phone, which comes to a lot cheaper than $7 per month plus $150 i'd have to pay instead.

Sprint can go screw themselves !!!

Maxine xx


I was having the same problem. My husband has lost his phone so we called the insurance and did get a different (not new) phone the very next day but battery cover on the back of the phone didnt fit right so i called the insurance back and they said there was nothing they could do about that.

eventually he lost the battery and every time i call to get a replacement battery they say it is out of stalk and im probly just going to have to buy a new phone??? what is the insurance really good for???

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