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Sprint has this new envelope to save paper. This envelope is difficult to open.

The envelope doesn't reseal properly. Sprint claims to save paper by doing this. My problem is the use SIX sheets of paper to breakdown my data usage, billing, ect. This could easily be cut down to 1 to 1.5 sheets if they wouldn't space excessively and put so many ads in the letter.

My electric and gas company gives MORE information in 1 1.5 sheets and the papers are about 20% thinner vertically.

Other than this i am ex tactic with Sprint.

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Horrible envelopes, especially if you have arthritic thumbs/fingers. They always rip anyway, and I am going to try the wood glue idea below.


I hate these billing envelopes....they rip..i want the old ones back! I agree with everyone using duct tape from now on


I have decided to retaliate.

The adhesive on their "Sprint's Bottom-Line Friendly" envelope doesn't work. I always have to tape the envelope shut.

Not anymore.

I'm going to use wood glue.

Tt will be a collossal pain in the rear end for their staff to open the envelope to get my payment out. It won't be heavy, so it won't cost any more to mail.

Now I just need to get everybody to do this.


Agree with all below. They are very difficult to open, difficult to seal, and they could save the money by reformatting their statements.


I hate these envelopes, hate them, hate them, hate them. Are they trying to force people to pay on line?

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #709163

HATE, hate, hate Sprint envelopes.. When my contract is completed I will change providers just to avoid the envelopes.


Just got off the phone with Sprint about their *** mailing envelopes. They didn't seem to care.

The envelopes are difficult to open and they don't seal properly if you're lucky enough to open it in the first place.

I have to use scotch tape in order to seal it. I will be cancelling my service as soon as my contract is ended.


The must not have had anyone test opening those envelopes. It's impossible not to ruin them each time.

They should have had a regular guy try to open that disaster. They could save paper using smaller fonts.

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