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Last August (2006) I started receiving bills from Sprint. I called the to tell them that I did not have Sprint nor did I want it. The bills kept coming. A couple months later they told me to file fraud papers, which I did. The bills kept coming. A couple months later someone told me that some other company had signed me up for this, I told them that some other company was not sending me bills. In February, 2007 I turned this over to an attorney. He spoke with someone who agreed that I did not owe anything. The bills kept coming. In April, I spoke with Claudia who awwured me everything was allright, the billing cycle had just not caught up with it yet and that the July bill would show a zero balance. Not only did it still show a balance due, they turned this over to a collection agency. It is almost impossible to speak with a human. When I call the customer service number, I am put on hold for half an hour, when I finally get someone, they hang up on me. I called the Grand Rapids, Michigan store on the East Beltline only to be insulted and called a liar by some incredibly rude woman named Lisa, who, according to her is not Sprint.

I want these ridiculous bills to stop.

I want a letter stating that I do not owe Sprint anything.

I want this off my credit report.

I want any damage to my credit rating to be repaired.

I want an apology from Lisa.

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I was out of contract with Sprint this passed August 2012. Went with another company.

Sprint says I owe them $145.00+. I called , they said,"I understand"..I said no you do not if you do not take care of this for me.They are a disgusting company to deal with ..such Liars.

I had called many times before getting another service and the situation was fine..till I got this bill . :(

Crawford, Nebraska, United States #20560

:cry :cry same problem left them 7 years ago still getting bills.

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