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Do not sign a contract - once you sign a contract with Sprint, you will never get out of it!!! I moved to an area where there was no coverage and I still couldn't get out of my two year contract despite the fact that there was no cell phone service!!!

Every time you buy a new phone, change your address, whatever, Sprint will change your two year contract so there is no way to get out of it - it's a total ripofff.

I would never recommend Sprint to anyone - friend or enemy.

They are a typical example of what is wrong in American businesses.

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Ross, California, United States #17943

Well, I had Verizon and had the same exact problem. Now I have Sprint which has slightly better coverage in my area.

My bills have been over $149/mo which is absurd because I hardly use the phone.

Customer service is very difficult top deal with. I hate Sprint too!

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