I spent the month of november trying to get all the mess ups fixed that these unexperienced sprint representattive have caused, but like always it only gets more complicated with ALL these different representatives i have had to speak with (WHY?). Because all they keep doing is messing with my plan and not really knowing what the *** they are doing.

Just to let you know i have been with the company for about 5 and a half years now.( 3 different contracts of 2 years each.)That proves how much i take sprint seriously as a customer.I can't say that sprint takes me seriously as a customer.

I will not be with sprint anymore after this contract is over unless i get all my complaints resolved!I also expect some kind of compensation for all the stress, and time i have been put through because of the lack of experience that i unfortunally had to deal with for being a dedicated customer.

For all i know this letter will be carelessly unappreciated as i was to many of your representatives! I pay my bills, what am i doing wrong?

I have spent 3 hours (straight) on the phone with your representatives a couple of days ago.I was also asking to speak with a supervisor and when i did he personally did want to understand why i was upset and hung up the phone on me.Thats after i explained to him that i been on the phone for about 2 hours now, he hung up.

The three hours i spent on the phone with your representatives i honestly spoken to 15 different

representativesof yours that just kept on transfering me to another person, nothing was resolved.(WHY?)If you don't believe me look at my calling records and see how many times i have spent with your representatives on the phone.Your actions will help me decide to stay with sprint or not.I you even care, because so far myself and my time has been not cared about by many of your employees.Writing this letter and spending all my time on the phone with your employees should show you that i care about my responsibilities to sprint as a customer.So please do not only meet my expectations but i would also appreciate someone in cooperate to give me a call and assure me that this will not happen anymore.Thank you

My phone number is ......................you should be able to get all the information of myself from my number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

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Its not getting better. Sprint don't allow enough time for customer service to resolve your issue.

They don't care about the loyal employees just the new ones that can't resolve your issue due to lack of training. Thats why people hang up on you.

Customers suffer & this is a tragic company. May God be with U!

Rock Hill, New York, United States #5600

I have had Sprint for 4 years and I will be leaving when my contract is up. I have 3 lines and have not had any problems until Nov 2007 and it has been a nightmare, i have called 3 times to change my data pack and they finally got it right, they would not credit charge for radio stations which are included free with my plan, go figure..

Not to mention the crappy phones, I have went through about 5 phones in a year... RRRRRRRRRR

Ellendale, Minnesota, United States #3784

I have dealt with poor customer services for over six years with Sprint. I have wasted countless hours over the years on the phone trying to get fixes to billing errors and trying to get straight answers from different Sprint reps.

The tipping point for me was when a Sprint manager threatened to call *my* boss because she was mad I wouldn't accept her answer that there wasn't an address I could mail a formal complaint to.

Read my open letter to Sprint here:


Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #1836

I used to work for the call center for Customer Finance at Sprint and that's why I quit... it was too confusing even to me.

With my 2 weeks of "training" under my belt, they THROW you out there, and most of those bills/plans are way too complex to understand with only 2 weeks of training. So when you call them again and you get finance, tell them to give the people more training cause 2 weeks is just not enough! That's the only answer I can give you. Best of luck pal!

I'm so glad I don't work for them anymore! I'll tell ya that much ;)

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