Ordered phone thru lets talk sprint htc touch pro 2 for 9999 very good price and nice phone Sprint want 32999 with tax and 100 dollar mail in rebate get rebate in 10 to 12 weeks Lets talk 9999 no tax and no rebate Went on sprints chat line to see if could get phone with no deposit and sprint ok me for 3 lines with no deposit So i ordered phone got email to call lets talk man names curtis was on line with him he called sprint and sprint oked me for the phone next day get e mail saying to call sprint i called and was on phone 1 and 1/2 hr and sprint said do not know why lets talk wanted me to call So i called lets talk talked to donna said this curtis had the wrong order number and said she would call me back in 1 hr i waited 1 1/2 hrs and called back woman said would call sprint she did and want on line and said phone was going to be shipped june 30th thought was ok got up today to see if could get tracking number for order says problem with order to call them today july 1st what is happing is that phone is a good deal and maybe to good of price Going to call and if they give me any other reason going to cancel and get my money back beware of these 3rd party companys If seem to good it proably is

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Deal.

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why is there no mubber to call and do i have to pay to get an answer to my question


Beware of lets talk if you cancel service they do not call company.Returned phone july 14th today july 20th called sprint to make sure they lets talk called to cancel service they have not did it myself so beware


Lets talk would screw up a cup of coffee only good 3rd party co is amazon .com


Sillygirl you are a retard.. you criticize someone else's punctuation and you cant even spell yourself. Thumbs up ya dumb ***!


i had to e mail them 8 times before they lets talk sent me a e mail back they have alot of bad reviews and i can see why


lets talk does not price match and does not answer there e mails best to deal with sprint instead of 3rd party


have e mailed lets talk 4 times and they lets talk does not reply


sally and sillygirl this is not a english class do you go online and look for mistakes on a review get a life


$9999.00 is NOT a very good price for a phone :p ***.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #159685

Sounds like a crappy deal. BTW, you may wnat to try to use some punctuation in your next review. It is really hard to resad one huge run on sentence.


sounds like best buy deal

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