So.... on 12/13/2012 I called into Sprint to pay my bill that had been in suspension and cancel my internet account (in which the contract had been up over a year).

They happily took my payment and transferred me to "cancel" my account. After getting to a manager she told me I could not cancel my account because I did not have the PIN (which was never set up to begin with). Then the manager tells me since the payment went through the account has been reactivated and accruing a bill (in which I was never told would happen or authorized). I had to go to a physical store to reset the information that I could have easily given over the phone (a scam to make the consumer take time so that Sprint can charge them), but I could not cancel the account in store, I had to call again.

So, I called, cancelled my account, was told the account balance was 0 and received an authorization number.

The next month, I receive a bill in the mail for $75 from Sprint for the same account for a reconnection fee and a full month bill. I called and was transferred to 4 different people over an hour of talk time. They each stated they were confused because the account was cancelled.

I finally get to the escalation department and he informs me that the charges are valid... even though THEIR customer services reps NEVER informed me of the charges. He said as a favor to me he will dispute the charges and call me 72 business hours later... I have never been treated so poorly and lied to by any company like this in my life...

SPRINT is a dirty company, lies, to their consumer, then blames them for their mistakes and miscommunications. I WILL REPORT THIS TO THE BBB AND I WILL NEVER TO BUSINESS WITH SPRINT AGAIN....

Sprint, in today's economy the consumer has a great deal of choices.... you really messed up!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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