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Unhappy with Sprint's poor coverage in my area, I decided to switch to Verizon. I logged onto the website, paid off all of my charges, and contacted customer service to have my account closed. The customer service representative was very helpful and expedient, and let me know, several times, that all of the charges on my account had been paid and that I would not receive any further billing.

Two months later, I received a letter from Sprint threatening to send my account to a collections agency for failure to pay. I contacted Sprint several times about this and explained to them that my account was closed and that everything had been paid at the time of account closure.

Sprint refused to take this evidence - including all of the original correspondence, including case number, for the closing of my account. They were adamant that now I owed them money, even though I had paid everything and had my account closed.

This company is absolutely pathetic and I feel exploited and abused. I will never use Sprint's services again.

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