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We received a call from Sprint local store on June 6, 2019, informing us that they did nit locate our phones. When speaking with Sprint corporate we were told that we to return our phones asap.

On June 9, 2019, we went to the store to return the phones. Once there, we were told that we banned from the store, as we threatened them with a lawyer. What was actually said was; that we were not satisfied with the way they were handling this and we would be contacting BBB, Attorney General, Consumer Protection and local news. On June 10, 2019, we received a call from Sprint Corporate Office.

After we answered a few questions , she said she would contact the district manager for that store and would get back to us. As of today Junes 13, 2019 we have not heard back

Update by user Jun 06, 2019

no, still waiting to hear from Sprint

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2019

On May 18, 2019 we signed up for a new Sprint plan with a 100%, 30 day total satisfaction guarantee. We turned in our phones for new ones from Sprint, and were told that they would keep our old phones in the local store safe for thirty days in case we canceled and wanted them back.

We asked for a printed copy of the the agreement before signing and was told they could not do that, but reassured us that everything we discussed was correct and they would email us a copy. Upon receiving the first statement, there were many discrepancies from the information we were given during our initial sign up with Sprint. We were far from satisfied (for many reasons) and decided to cancel the plan and get our “old” phones back.June 3 2019, we went back to the store to cancel the plan and get our original phones back,( that were supposed to be in their back office at the Sprint store in Meriden where we set up our account). After waiting for several hours with no answers and barely any assistance, we were informed that our phones were sent back to their warehouse despite being promised that they would not be sent to the warehouse until the 30 days were up.

At this point, we were told it would take 3-5 business days to locate and ship our phones back to the store.This also was dependent on if they could even locate them because they did not mark or store them in any manner to determine which phones were actually ours. At this point they said there was nothing further they could do for us, and would be in touch. We then contacted the online customer service and spoke with Lyn (supervisor) and also, Jake (customer service manager). We were told that our phones were now the property of Sprint and we would not get them back, but would be compensated for them.

Compensation would not cover the value of our phones or cover the cost of a new phone and we still wanted our original phones back, as that was what was originally guaranteed as an option. We continued to pursue that option and after much complaining, we were told that IF we could get our phones back it would take a month. That would mean that we would be past the 30 day total satisfaction guarantee and lock us into a contract that we do not want and were told we could cancel anytime within the 30 day period.We have spent many frustrating hours at the Sprint store as well as on the phone with Sprint Online, without reaching any acceptable resolution. Throughout this whole process, we have been treated with disrespect and indifference, as well as absolutely no accountability for the multitudes of false information that they gave us being taken.Even though we have repeatedly requested to talk to someone higher up, we were told there was no one else we could talk to or anything else they could do for us.

We are thoroughly frustrated and do not have any confidence in anything they say. At this point, we believe

they have been delaying this process in order to lock us into a contract with a plan, phones and customer service that is not what was advertised, explained or promised .

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 50 Hunt Street, Watertown, MA 02472

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Never trade in your good working phones.


The Meriden Connecticut non corporate sprint store(MobileLLC)out right STINKS in their customer service...go to a corporate sprint store... we didn’t know this..we thought that a sprint is a sprint store..wrong. :(


They are terrible and they don’t give a *** about their own customers I am paying now almost $200 for me and my family and let me tell you something we don’t get Service at all my mom’s phone does not receive incoming calls so I have to use social media to call her my sister had a car accident six months ago and she was trying to call my dad and her phone did not receive incoming call and she was screaming to us they don’t care about their own customers I can’t wait until March so I can leave them to not join sprint And every time when I tell them about this issue they want to blame my phone keep in mind I got my phone and my family phone from Sprint they don’t care about you at all and we can’t wait to go to Verizon or AT&T we have been having no service at all lately our LTE is becoming very slow and I am trying to do a job application and I’m not receiving incoming calls that’s the problem and I told surprised about that they were screaming at me telling me that I was a spam customer do not come here if you want to be treated as terrible


My nieces husband switched their service to Sprint. He believed he could save some money.

It is the worst service and drops their calls.

Every time I get a call from her, it 'mumbles' and it drops the call. Never had that happen when they had Verizon.


hit them with a small claim from your district court

Karen K

Try calling 888-211-4727 or emailing Marcelo.Claure@sprint.com. After spinning my wheels for weeks, I sent an email, got a call that afternoon and problem resolved in less than 8 hours.

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