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I was a Nextel customer for 7 or 8 years. I recently needed to replace my phone as I had been in a traffic accident and the phone was partially broken as a result - the flip part wouldn't shut and was falling apart, but still usable.

I called in to see 1) if I had insurance on my phone AND 2) when my contract would be up because I couldn't remember. The employee I spoke with informed me that my contract had expired in April and I was no longer in contract. To verify, I said, "so if I cancel my service, I just have to pay the balance of my bill for the month?" and they said yes, that's it. Apparently, this was incorrect, because I received a bill for an early termination fee one month later.

I called the company to complain, and filed a dispute, which I never received any word on - just another bill. Upon calling in again, I was told the dispute was denied and I would have to pay. The employee that I talked to made no note of our conversation regarding the contract, so I am SOL. I asked to talk to a manager, which I practically had to scream at the employee to get to a manager.

The manager told me there was nothing they could do. I called their Corporate Office. Same thing. So DUE TO THE LIE OF A SPRINT/NEXTEL EMPLOYEE, I am liable for a $200.00 early termination fee.

I also filed a web complaint with no response. This comes down to a corporation's unwillingness to be responsible for the lies of it's employees while working on their behalf. To me, this means your whole company is a liar. I'm sure their huge corporation needs that $200 worse than I do, and obviously, leaving a long-term customer with a reasonable solution and a good impression of their company is not worth $200.

How much do ads cost?

Because that being the case, I'm not sure it makes any sense to pay for them (I'm listening to one on TV now!). One thing is for sure - at Sprint/Nextel, the corporation is always right - and the customer is always wrong!!!!"

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Wow 8)and I thought I was the lone stranger on being upset with NEXTEL:p. At least I was satisfied with my service until I tried to get a newer phone. I wonder if Sprint is just trying to drive NEXTEL into the ground cause Sprint didnt adhere to contract details when they purchased Nextel:eek?

Ellendale, Minnesota, United States #3786

I have dealt with poor customer services for over six years with Sprint. I have wasted countless hours over the years on the phone trying to get fixes to billing errors and trying to get straight answers from different Sprint reps.

The tipping point for me was when a Sprint manager threatened to call *my* boss because she was mad I wouldn't accept her answer that there wasn't an address I could mail a formal complaint to.

Read my open letter to Sprint here:

Watson, Arkansas, United States #2118

We had a similar experience with Nextel. We were told that our contract was for one year, but when we wanted to be sure it had expired 14 months later, no one at Sprint (they had just merged with Nextel) was able to tell us.

When we went to another carrier, Sprint/Nextel slapped us with a $700.00 early termination charge, then sent it to collection 3 weeks later. We had called to dispute the amount, and had sent in $100.00 toward the disputed bill.

Never again. Although the new carrier isn't much better.

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