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I have been with Sprint for 9 years and thought I might want to upgrade the 2 phones on my account. So I go to the Sprint website (without logging in) and see that they have the IPhones for $99 after a $450 discount for agreeing to a 2 year contract for new customers.

So I log into the website and get spammed with pop ups telling my about the $150 credit I get per phone because I am such a valued customer. But the $450 discount for agreeing to a 2 year contract is now only $300 which would make the price of the IPhone, for a 9 year customer $99.

So, that means that John Doe, who has never had an account with Sprint will get the exact same price as a long time customer. They just split up the numbers, called them something else and the end result is that a long time customers get absolutely nothing in return for their loyalty.

Sprint obviously doesn't value their existing customers. I am regretting agreeing to my last contract, but thankfully, that's a mistake that will be corrected since I can get the exact same IPhone through AT&T for .99 cents.

Buh By Sprint, Hello AT&T.

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Been with Nextel/Sprint for many years with family plan. Upgraded 3 phones; 1 was defective so returned for a different one within 1 week.

I got stuck with FOUR $38 activation fees! Customer service was absolutely useless - refused to reverse any of them.

Basically, I am S.O.L. I am not happy and will tell everyone I know.


AT&T does the same thing, so um. .

good luck. Actually, AT&T is worse. Instead of new activations and upgrades being the same, many new activations are much CHEAPER than the upgrades.

. .


You should check out Triniti Communications. A 'next generation digital company.' People should be tired of being "robbed" by the Big Three: Verizon, Sprint, & ATT.

It is about time to receive All the great service without all the contracts and hassles.

Four phones with UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for $104 per month. This is NOT the little flip phones:: Android operated such as HTC Hero, etc.

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