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I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for almost 10 years. I have recently upgraded my service with them and yet no one can help me out with my issue.

I can't make or receive phone calls in my own home or anywhere in the vicinity. The problem with this is I am 38 weeks pregnant so I need to be able to get ahold of someone in case of an emergency. I don't have any bars at all in my own home. I have been to two different Sprint stores here in Charleston SC,29414.

I have also spoken with 4 different Customer Service Representatives on the phone to try and resolve the issue. They are telling my that the towers in my area are great yet I have no bars. I have made/dropped over 50 calls within the last two days. Prior to this I had an I phone 5s.

I could only get service in certain areas of my house but I could get service and receive text messages. I now have the HTC one (m8) and I can't do either. This is an emergency situation and no one at Sprint seems to be concerned.

This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever received. I don't want to have to e mail husband that I am in labor!

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Same here. We are in 29414 and had 2 lines on our contract.

One finally expired and the other is due in 5 months. Can't wait to be done with paying them for nothing!

Their CS department is outrageous and the store employees are no better. They have no problem taking your money but forget about holding up their end of the bargain!

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