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After visiting Sprint no less than 6 times and getting IN WRITING what the charges would be to move our 5 lines from US Cellular to Sprint we decided to make the move. The final visit was with a district manager, whom we felt couldbe trusted.

My hubby had been with US Cellular since he first got a cell, like forever! Switching was a big deal as he values loyalty. I had previously been with Sprint for 15 years and actually had stellar service all the way around. The move was "promised" to save us $100.00 and give us unlimited everything.

My daughter had broken off an engagement recently and the guy hadn't taken it well, moving was also going to assist with him not being able to stalk her so easily as he had hacked her phone and regardless of what we did, he got through. They settled the costs and had several specials on phones, of course, we were changing both our girls to I phone 7's which were lease one for $33.00 get the 2nd for $5.00. They were out of the 7's at their location at the time and the guy left helping us told us the same deal extended to the 8's. He also told us this after my daughter came in upset thinking she was going to have to keep her same phone number for a few more days, so I am beginning to think he just felt sorry for her.

However, we expected the same cost just the same. When the bill arrives we're expecting $216+ tax, I mean within a few bucks five or take, but not $300. So I call customer service and they say it will likely take a few months for all discounts to take effect, check back. I wait, nothing.

I call and they say it should have happened and they can see the i phone 8's were on special but they don't have the power to give the discount, it has to be handled at the store we purchased them at. They then tell me about AUTOPAY. I said excuse me? She said $5.00 per line is being added to your bill because you're not using our autopay service.

I told her we never agreed to any auto pay, nor would we and being fined for not using their auto pay should have been disclosed! She said they tell everyone when they sign up. The *** they do!!! My husband would never have agreed to switch had that been the case.

So she again said we would have to deal with the store we signed up. I of course have been back to the store and they said they have to pull video footage to see what we were infact told. These people are headed for a class action lawsuit!

I know many people who have gone through the same thing with them, have not had terms disclosed that the cost would not be as discussed unless you utilize autopay. There's a lot of us out there, people with the power to make noise!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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If there is a lawsuit...count me in. Sprint has lied to be from the beginning, cheated me and they are still trying to screw me over.

Sprint is the worst company I have ever dealt with. You can not trust anything their employees at the store say or their customer service.

One lie after another... that is all I have gotten.

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