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I have been a Sprint customer for nearly fifteen years. I currently receive wireless service for a smartphone and internet access with a wireless card for my laptop.

Prior to September of this year, the number of dropped calls that I have experienced over the years with Sprint could be counted on one hand and I have had great, FAST wireless access to the internet. In September, I started experiencing a drastic reduction in the signal strength I could receive with my card. I do a lot of work from home, so this was problematic. I also started experiencing dropped calls - a LOT of them.

When I contacted Sprint to find out if there was a problem with the network, I was essentially told the problem was on my end. I spoke with at least three customer service representatives in October who had reset my devices and uninstall and reinstall software, all of which took nearly an entire day and did not resolve my problem. Since that point, the problem is worse. Dropped calls are happening multiple times each day and the speed at which I can navigate the internet is almost as good as a dial-up connection.

I contacted Sprint again this week. The first representative explained to me that there is a tower outage in my area, which is causing the problem. The outage occurred in September and the rebuilding of the new tower, which will have greater capacity, will not be complete until March of 2012. While talking to that representative, my call was dropped.

I waited and the representative did not call me back, so I called Sprint again. This representative seemed totally apathetic to my problem and did not seem to care that this is causing serious disruptions to my business and generally is just intolerable to have to experience this for what is anticipated to be six months. I was told that I should be getting some courtesy credit for this, retroactive to September, but that it will not be applied until after the outage is fixed and service is fully restored, when Sprint can assess the impact and apply a proportional discount for this service disruption. Apparently, it is against Sprint's policies, I was told, to discount my contract fees during the months of disruption - this can only occur after the issue is resolved.

That's unacceptable. From my perspective, Sprint essentially locked me into a contract that they knowingly and now admittedly cannot deliver on for six out of twelve months, but expect me to pay full price every month until they figure out what a fair discount would be for six months of disrupted service. Not to mention, I was essentially lied to about the problem by the first representatives I spoke to. I am shocked that this is part of some sort of planned network upgrade and Sprint did not let its customers know in advance of possible disruptions and is not providing some sort of discount to its customers during this period.

If this were only going to be problematic for a month or two, I could suffer through it without expecting credit of any type, but this is six months in duration, and I've received no notice about it, which makes me wonder if Sprint even cares about how this disruption affects its consumer and business customers. I have my own individual plans for my service, but the firm I work with is also a Sprint customer and has experienced equally significant disruptions in service, with little empathy from Sprint. Meanwhile, we have to scramble to find other alternatives to business processes which rely on wireless connections - and we're both still paying full price for the bad and borderline useless service we get from Sprint. At this point in the game, having been treated like this by a company that I estimate has received at least $15,000 from me since I initially signed up for service, I am ready to take my business elsewhere - and am actively relaying this story to clients, associates, friends and family members.

The contract for my wireless card ends in February and if my service concerns continue to brushed of by Sprint in the manner that they have in recent complaints I have made to them, then I will happily direct my business elsewhere at that point and will likely do the same with the phone when that contract ends. The level of apathy that has been directed at me and the condescending tone that I receive from customer service representatives is intolerable and I will not continue to pay nearly $2,400/year to be treated like that when I have trouble with service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Internet Service.

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I've been a sprint rep for 5.5 years and my best advice is to go elsewhere. Reps turnover rate is about 90%, we're paid minimum or just above, you are pressured to keep calls short (680 seconds) and you are told to get people into contract by tricking them.

Go elsewhere. Reps don't have the authority to credit ten cents, or they'll be fired.

The problem isn't the reps. It's sprint management who make the policies.

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