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Today March 19, 2012 we received an offer from Sprint to upgrade my phones and add a line to my existing plan. We don't use the phones that much (not much texting or outside calling) but, have been satisfied with the current plan.

My wife and I have been long time Sprint customers and our phones are older so we decided that it might be a good idea and since our son should probably have a phone we called (6:30pm). At first the representative Lyman Berryman was cordial and looked up our phone numbers. Once he found out that we were on a plan that has a good rate he said he was sorry but, that we can't get new phones or add a phone to that plan. I explained that I had his offer and that is the only reason why I was calling to exchange our phones and add a line to the plan as his offer letter stated.

He told me that the letter was sent in error and I asked what can be done about this offer. He became very rude and asked me if I ever made a mistake at work. I could not understand the relevance to his question and I told him I pay for my mistakes. He told my wife and me that he could not do anything for us unless we upgraded our plan.

I again questioned the offer and he was very short and said that does not apply and nothing he would do for us.

I e-mailed the customer service and then decided to call them and lodge a complaint by calling the customer support line. First rep (Ezra), 6:40pm when I asked to speak with a supervisor disconnected the call. I called back at 6:43pm got Chris asked that I not get disconnected as Ezra did and please put me on the line with a supervisor. At 6:46pm Mia got on the phone and took my number and I explained (in a sharp condescending tone) my experience and how I do not appreciate being questioned about my work experience (none of their business) when I needed to ask the questions and receive answers and service.

Mia was very professional asked my phone number and told me that she would connect me with her supervisor Jacob Piasano. At 6:50pm she put Anthony Rosetti (spelling not sure) and when I asked him for his name and spelling of his last name. He said Tony "we don't give out our last names." This is a poor customer service line trick when you ask one representative for a supervisor and then they put another phone rep on the line to take the call. Obvious to me that this person could get me no where I told him the poor service and offer retraction by letter writer Lyman Berryman and then I went off and told him that when my time to renew my service is up I will be leaving Sprint.

Then I explained that it is obvious he has no authority to do anything but, hang up the phone after I call him ***. So I did.

Good Bye Sprint the connection and service was not that good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

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I have been dealing with Lyman Berryman for several years, and have had nothing but professional, courteous experiences with him. Not sure what the "anonymous" experienced, but I can say without hesitation that I have been more than pleased with Sprint and Mr. Berryman's service :)

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