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Overcharge, spend nearly hundreds of hours to call and customer service cant get it right.

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I was your customer for many years, i have 10 lines with Sprint, this happened once already back in 2016, every month i had to call customer service and spend 6 to 7 hours on the phone, getting transfered put on hold and no one pick up, to the point i was calling every week trying to help Sprint to take off over charge on my account, my bill was mid $500 per month, as i pay off the equipment payment of my 10 lines, my bill did not go down instead when up? In 2020 from March, couple equipment came off, and i work out of town so i told my wife to pay every month like plan, your system overcharged every month, to the point ypur customer service was telling my wife its not full payment, because due to 1 month over charge the next month carry it over plus that month over charge, so instead of fixing the issue, you tell my wife is not full payment so had to make payment arrangement and she didnt know why, while still paying the same payment and equipment cost one by one was paid off, but my payment never went down, because the over charge Sprint did on my account, i found out this, when you set up arrangement the auto pay drop off but no one explan to my wife, 2nd around June 2020 is when all equipment paid in full, and my bill also went to nearly $600, so you over charge me, and added late fee because what my wife paid it should be the right payment instead add the late fee on top the over charge, and my wife each month try to call and didn't know why auto pay keep getting dropped, my wife is from Taiwain, her english is not up to par, so each time she call, your customer service was rude and keep telling her that we are the one thats canceling Auto pay and the monthly bill is what it is, when my wife said no its less, your customer service got more rude and told her that if she pay a full payment nearly $600 and she didnt have to set up arrangement, instead of break down my account with 10 line and 1 is tablet line with promo, and your customer service removed the promo and over charged another device, and my son went got a iphone 11 and a cheap phone for my dad, than with promo my wife got a iphone 11 and a tablet on promo, so my bill should of been 9 phone line start at $45 than $25 each for 8 lines and $10 for ipad total of $265 plus tax and fees, but it didnt happen that way, still nearly $600 payment, once over charged happen this account just keep wrong direction, when your system removed the Autopay payment went up, and on top of the over charge you added late fee, payment went up and just got all the device paid off my family added $36, $8, $15, $29 on new device, that put my account way over because no one adjust the payment when the device was paid, than the 4 new device, not only you removed the promo what my wife signed but you over charged. I got back in mid july, my wife is telling me about late fees, payment didnt change when the old device of 10 of them was paid off, and autopay keep getting dropped and we didnt get the promo price on the new device and late fee plus no autopay the payment was high, i ask her did she call Customer service and have them check, because if the amount i told my wife to pay is the amount i have been paying all those years with no issue, but than the payment should of drop once each device drop off the bill and that payment should cover everytning and i should have credit because i paid the same and devices all dropped off, instead that payment became not in full? And my wife had to set up payment arrangement? That is not right, so i call Sprint spend 4 hours teaching your customer service about Customer Service, at first the guy that i talk to has no clue, keep repeating about not full payment and late fees and he said i shouldnt get what i cant pay!! Wow, i just simply ask him to do simple math, what is $45 add $25 than add $25 and to get to 9 line than $10 for ipad, he was confused, because it was over $260 difference, so he said do it his way came up $180 differance, so he said because the late fees and no autopay thats why is that amount, i was like wow, by doing your way, you added late fee and no autopay discount still off by $180 what about that? I also told him we set up auto pay somehow it keep dropping off? Why and if you do the math right you can see what we paid more than your number so how is that late fee? 4 hours i try to make this person your company hires understand the math, finally he said yea your right it should not happen on late fees because we over charged you and somehow it wasn't the same plan you showed me, i said i have the contract, just because i paid all the phone off and i never changed my plan somehow if your system try to fiqure how to bill and since my device is paid, it changed my plan? So fix it, he told me he will credit back this and that and put my promo back on and so fourth, and I i told him to cancel 3 of my line because i didnt needed, he said no problem, a battle wow, but guess what it was still wrong, in september i had to call again, 6 hours that time, my 3 line i ask to cancel wasnt canceled, and my wife promo ipad wasnt promo and again same thing happened, your people telling my wife wasnt full payment and now set arrangement and not only the first issue did not get fixed but hundreds carry to the following month, so i called every 2 week until in December, i just asked a supervisor this time, a very sharp and understanding person, before i can say anything, he said i can see what is wrong with your account, and yes he broke it down just like what i had it saved me 7 hours of headaches, he said some credit wasnt issue correctly and the 10 line shold of been less and i can see the new equipment charge, he ask me did i put my account on autopay and i said what is removed again? So we found out when your customer service dont listen correctly and tell a costomer what he or she is going to do plus acknowledge to remove 3 line but didnt do of course my payment will not match for what we discussed, so each payment became not in full again nightmare, this Supervisor said if i can give him until next day, he will see and investgate why my account wasnt done correctly and he will adjust everyrhing, so i waited his call back for a week, im thinking maybe he fixed everything and didnt have to talk to me? Dont know why he didnt call? So in Janurary 2021 my bill was more out of wack, now im mad because that supervisor know what happen and should of took care the mistake, instead he did nothing, i called the Loyalty Department and got hold of a nice lady, she is the supervisor for them, now imagine all i went through, frustrated beyond believe, and i had to explan everything to her again like every time i call, finally she removed the 3 lines i requested months back and removed late fee, and put me back on promo for those 4 new devices, put auto pay back on almost everything, but she said she couldnt credit the non autopay discount because she said we removed it, and nothing she can do, i told her this, we never removed autopay, because i get over charged everymonth and my plan got changed when my 10 devices wad paid off, but i did not change the plan and because of that i got overcharhed incloude my newer devices your people removed the discount and saud it wasnt the Sprint promotion at this point, but when my wife signed for 2 years because the promo was active a line iphone and get ipad 1/2 off at that time, since the promo was over but do what we signed at the time of your promotion just because is over so you wont honor what was signed by both party how do that work? And because that the payment was off, and than tell my wife to again set up arrangement and charge me late fee, i guess that is how Sprint operate, charge with dont care about anything, just play denial game and see if any guess catch it, than its so confusing anyway hoping there is not any guess complaint, than you will fix it, because the same issue happened to me 4 times, so how is that my fault if your system some how removed the promo and raised the payment amount!! and again telling your customer the right payment is not a full payment than you add late fees on top of the mistake than set up arrangement to have your customer pay your company mistske plus "" let me teach you on auto pay because that has been a nightmare, it depend how many line a guest have, it will make a huge amount difference on the bill""" we did not ever cancel autopay, because your mistake on plan also promo change monthly bill to be higher and unstead of fixing it, you make a arrangement for us to pay your mistake and put a late fee with it? Everytime you set up a arrangement it cancel the autopay, i learned the hardway, so the autopay technically you set up autopay so your the one thats been canceling my autopay, and those customer service did not know, because your upper management told me!! So i had enough of using my time away from my family, i tried almost a full years calling Sprint each month to twice a month to let you know the bill issue, and its the same each time, i pulled my call log and nearly over 100 hours not include got lied to and you people never call back when they said they will, and i have health condition and i travel for work my job is to hire and train new manager for a company twice your size, are you going to pay what i make per hour? And the headache each month because its never right after i paid off my 10 devices, than i guess since i finished the contract and had no more use for me? And i feel like how your people talk to my wife, just because her english is not yet good so you treated her with disrespect, because she is Taiwainess? She is a victim of racism by Sprint, and your company wasted my time on my only days off not spend with my wife and kids but with Sprint, and knowing because its your fault but refuse to make it right, if the promo was never removed, my plan didnt change for so reason, and what we have been paying with cost of those devices, when its paid my bill went up?? And thats why you had to make arrangement for me to pay your mistake and arrangement cancel autopay what your team did but acuse me or my wife that cancel autopay? This way you wont have to credit!! I told your team, if in february 2021, if my bill is not corrected i will move from Sprint, and your company still owes me money, and i have a balance on those 4 devices has little over $1000 left if your company dont credit back nearly $1000 of my money than i will keep the devices and if your company send me to colkection than i will sue Sprint again for not deliver whats promised and the headaches and my time i will go after Sprint in full, back in 2016 Sprint did the same to me, would not admit any wrong doing but wanted me to pay your overcharge, i did the same, i went above and beyond pleaing to Sprint to make it right, instead Sprint came after me in something you did, i spend 4 month begging your team to fix, but i wasted my time, so i sue Sprint because you send me to collection, and i won, i could of have your company pay tens of thousands of dollars but i didnt to be nice, i told and called my last attempt to help your company in February 2021, and they hung up on me, i have all bills thats overcharged as well call log to show hundreds if hour spend, i will give Sprint one last chance to drop this, make this account gone and leave me alone because my health, last lawsuit i didnt even use my attorney and i won no question, this time i will use my attorney and are your company ready to pay? And i will makesure contact the news and share my experiance with everyone and im sure you will have people calling you on their accounts, today is Wednesday 4/28/2021, i need your respond by end of this week, if not next Monday you will be dealing with Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, my last attempt to help Sprint. Thank You Chinyu Sun 719-271-**** Same number

User's recommendation: Keep everything you sign, when Sprint promise you anything have them put it in writing, fix any issue at the same call because they will not return your call ad promised, this way the next person would have to deal with your big issue not him or her, denial is what they do, check your bill every month, because if you has a promo or a special deal through work, their system will remove it and your payment will not be in full so they set up arrangement and add a late fee to the issue done by Sprint, also will cancel your auto pay so that mistake become hundreds, Sprint will also blame you that canceled the auto pay because they dont even know.

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Someone open a account in my name on June 08 2021 I did not give anyone permission to open a account in my name with sprint.Its showing up on my credit report with a bill over a thousand dollars. I didn't authorize this account
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