yep. had the same issue.

they rooked me into a two year contract, though they claim it wasn't a contract. then they upped the plan supposedly to 60/month. with fees and taxes over 90/month. totally ripoff.

they also stole the money they supposedly say I was prorated for (mind you, I paid last month's bill on time and had just received the current bill) in the total of 65.15. I can't do anything until the money posts to my account but rest assured, my bank will be told I did not approve that. they record our conversations, so pull up the conversation between me and your sales associate who told me once I paid off the phone, which I did that day, I owed nothing more. they told me he was in error in saying this.

this is not my problem. I was not on a contract, according to you.

month to month. the new month begins when you pay your bill, so how was I prorated?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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