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I have had Sprint cell service for about 10 years and over the last two years the service has gotten terrible. Between the lack of signal and dropped calls I never know when I'll be able to finish a conversation.

I've been trying to get a resolution to the issue and as of this month I've been working on it for 10 months.

I've had my 2 phones in to the service center 3 times each and had whatever updates done that were needed and it actually made it worse.

I was even told by one of the sales people that our phones were out of date even though they still had the same phones on display. Sprint will give you the runaround for hours if you try to get this issue resolved, they have no concept of what they're doing.

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I, too, am unhappy with Sprint. I bought two phones this past spring.

One had the speaker go bad. I went to their store in the mall and was told I would have to drive 30 miles to a service center where I would have to pay to have it repaired. It's less than one year old! Also, the signal has definitely been downgraded.

I've had Sprint or Nextel for ten years and rarely found myself without a signal. Now I can be sitting in my kitchen and all of a sudden the signal is gone. This never happened before and don't tell me it's my phone.

I know there is a cancellation fee if I cancel my contract but I'm considering doing just that. But first I will file suit against them in small claims court for THEIR breach of contract.

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