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A while back I had a cell phone with Sprint. When my phone broke I went to the Sprint store on Chili Avenue in Rochester, NY.

The representative assisted me by telling me I could get a free phone and just suspend the broken phone until the contract came time to be renewed, since I did not have insurance on the phone. Later on they tried charging me for the phone that was broken and when I called to ask if there was anything they can do the lady said no. She told me you can only suspend a line for three months.

I then asked since the phone was destroyed already if I can take it off the account, but they wanted to charge an early termination fee. So I was then forced to cancel my contract to avoid paying over 100 dollars monthly for a cell phone and another line that did not even exist anymore.

Since then they have came after me for the money and the debt collectors were involved. They are coming after me for approx. 435 dollars for an early termination fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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I use Sprint Company for 11 years to this day owes me $284 dollars for overcharges and no one could explain one customer service will give you credit and the next customer service will charge you the complete bill I call I go in person and speak with them and they tell me that II have nothing to worry about they will take care of it but when the bill comes nothing has been done so when I go back to the same representatives I spoke to then they'd tell me there is nothing they can do. I have joined suit against spread and won twice and still never got the money they owed me!!

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