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Existing customer for 4 years, responded to Sprint email promotion that would give us new phones "free". They took our old phones, charged us for the new ones, and now refuse to issue the promised credit. Have spent hours on the phone with customer service, and am always promised that they will make it right, then, nothing happens. Today, I spent 90 minutes (!) on the phone with a rep, and was told, "Your bill has been reviewed at the highest...
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Ray If you still have the email call your state attorney general and file a complaint. Their office should contact sprint and force them to make it right.

I liked
  • Unlimited plan
I didn't like
  • Poor customer care
  • Unfair billing
  • Lack of follow through
Went to a sprint store. An employee was training a new employee. An attractive young woman came in so he proceed to help her and left us with trainee, I was there to upgrade two phones. I was told I would have to pay current balance which I did in the store. He said I'd have to pay taxes on phones 95.99 on ea, no problem go ahead. We were in the store for over 3 hrs. He then tells me that my card won't go through. There's a security...
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I didn't like
  • 8 hours on the phone and not one resolution
  • Employees and sales tatics
  • Spending hours on the phone with customer service