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We have had Sprint for 6 plus yrs. We called a Sprint rep to get additional minutes plan and ad unlimited text.

Great. . .trouble was next bill was over 300 bucks. we called and the rep said "well you didn't say you wanted the new plan in effect immediately" Funny thing is they never offered that option or said a word about when it was to be in effect. We complained enough and they took half the mount off...big blowin deal.

Sprints billing and customer service for billing are the worst I've ever seen


Camp Springs MD

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Deal.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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They don't care about their employees why would they care about their customers. Sprint doesn't even give customer service enough time to resolve your issue, they have hired so many new people that can't resolve your issues due to lack of training. So gl in the future your gonna need it!

Redlands, California, United States #49493

if you called in to get the unlimited added when did they think you wanted it 2 years from now

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