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i told them , that was some false advertisements, also told me the i had to start paying for the second phone, which i have with bogo BUY One Get One FREE, so 6 months now after they had raise my bill to $150 and all they can say its either You PAID or its going in...
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Anonymous We had the same issue been arguing with them for months

I changed to Sprint after 10 years with Tmobile. I loved Tmobile new billing and everything us except for in one part of my area I had no service. I told Tmobile I would be back when they got coverage in the area I needed. So, I decided to try Sprint with the offer...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service doesnt follow through
  • Constantly changing prices and plans
  • Unfair billing
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Recently switched from AT&T to Sprint wireless for financial reasons. Biggest mistake ever. The extra I paid for At&t's service was worth every penny after experiencing how terrible of coverage I received with Sprint. Everything they tell you is a lie, they don't even...
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Sprint Buy One Get One Free Deal Review

Sprint made multiple promises before I switched services and kept none of them. I would like to have my discussion with sprint reviewed and my corporate discount applied to my account
Might want to consider other alternatives before sprint. They switched us from metro, said we were getting 2phones for the price of one and that they were giving us a credit towards our first months billing of 200 dollars. Sounded great, they ( jose) took our metro...
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I have been a loyal Sprint Customer for over 20 years at least. Through all of there bulls*** I have remain faithful. This past May Sprint was offering the BOGO sale on the Galaxy 7 Edge. So I decided that I would upgrade my phone and add my fiancée to my plan as...
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But i wish i never got into this situation with sprint. If a rep sales a person on a deal, it should be final. Chad waited until i accepted the terms of buying one galaxy edge 7 and getting another one for free AND he said my husband who has his own account with...
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