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We recently transferred two cell phone plans from tmobile to sprint. We discussed in detail the entire transaction, including the purchase of two new sprint cell phones.

We went over all fees. Later on we noticed on our bill charges of $36 for each phone transfer. At no time was this disclosed to us. We had been looking at many plans and went with the best deal.

This is now not the best deal and we feel it was dishonest that they did not disclose these fees upfront when we asked for all the fees involved in the transaction. Sprint expects us to honor our commitment, why is it okay to charge for something we knew nothing about.

We asked them to review the phone call, I know they record them, to see we were being truthful. They are reluctant to refund the money, but did credit me $25.

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You didn't know about the fees because you didn't read the contract. The fees are clearly listed.

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