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I talk to sprint about every other month because they are always over billing me. They made so many mistakes on my bill.

If I catch them they say," sorry, we can fix it ", but they can only refund part of the extra money they have charged me. Then, by the time I get things worked out they hit me with late fees. I told them that they lie to me, and cheat me all the time and that I just want OUT. They will not let me out of my contract without more---FEES...

Never again sprint!!!.

Beware of your bill people..

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I had this problem.

I had 2 phones on 1 phone line. They were billing me 59.00 extra saying I had two seperate lines.

Every 2 bills this would reoccur. Then I would be put on hold for a half hour.

Sprint sucks i left them 3 months ago for tmobile.

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