I was actually in a position where I needed to use my Sprint cellphone insurance. I thought I had lost my phone, and needed a new one anyway because the touchscreen was all beaten up.

I've been a Sprint customer for more than 8 years, and specifically purchased insurance with my cell because of the touchscreen.

Turns out, if you need to use the insurance there is a $100 deductible. You also have to wait for them to ship it to you, and there is no guarantee that the phone will be new.

You can get an iPhone for $99 these days.

What a joke. I found my phone, canceled the insurance and will probably just *** the bullet & buy a new phone once I can't deal with the touchscreen issue any longer.

Don't waste your money on Sprint insurance.

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Sprint is a JOKE! They won't allow enough time for customer service or technical to resolve your issue.

They hire so many new people that can't resolve your issue.

So even if you ask for adv exchange they won't know what your talking about due to the lack of training. You made the right decision by going to AT&T less hassle.


So let me make sure I understand this, you lost your phone, which you admit to beating all to heck, and expect to get a "new" one for free??? Yea lose your car sometime which you have already beat to heck, call your car insurance,,see what kinda response you get, if they dont laugh you out of the door, and you still get to continue making the payments and have to pay a 250-500 deductible. But enjoy your iPHONE, which you cant insure, and aTT wont enough discuss with you if you break/loss it.


They really do suck with that.:( if this happens again, request a advanced replacement phone. they shouls send it to you free of charge. OR, you could just buy an iphone :)


I just found out the deductable was a 100$ I should go with the 99$ iphone like he said :cry

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