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Think about it. If I took the time to search and file a complaint - there has to be a problem I have other things I could be doing.

My experience with Sprint Customer Service has been a complete nightmare. The sales agents evidently get a commission on contract retention and will tell you anything to get your to extend and or upgrade your service. Folks do not believe a thing these people tell you. They will promise you the moon over the phone just to get you to agree to a contract extension.

When comes time for them to deliver, you will not get what they promised you. Get in writing folks. I actually believe their customer service people or trained to be unethical in their practices in order to get profits. These people are scarey.

They actually added 10 months to my contract because I added picure mail to my contract.

Pure crooks! Their customer service people will just hang up on you if you have a problem that needs to be resolved on your billing or whatever.

Something is seriously wrong with this company from the top down!

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I had nextel for three years without problems, until sprint joined them. my bill went from $49 a month to $249 a month, what there little trick was,thay took the calls I'v called before,and made it look like I was making alot of calls.

the thing was it made it look like I called the doctors office,welfare,school,my lawyers office almost every other day. when I called them and questioned the bill, there lame excuse was my phone must be old, and it must of been making calls by its self. thay were the ones who shut off my service. and for two moore months, thay sent me bills saying I was still making phone calls.

so I called them up and told them to tell whoever made up there bills what thay could do with them. then I pitched the phone in the trash.

thay will never get another dime out of me. :(


I hear you on that! They are very unethical.

My situation they had told me to pay up front one month ahead of time (2 months for the 1st month), told me that when I cancelled they would reimburse me, and they didn't! They stole my money, they are crooks.


I agree with the whole thing nextel and sprint have done the same thing to us pereviously and we just ened our contract wth them.


Lol. I agree 100% with everyone here.

I had the same issues! Turning of my service after I pay the bill, calling customer service and never having my issue resolved, and being hung up on several times, and being seriously overcharged and never credited. I finally decided that instead of dealing with outsourced customer service reps who are thousands of miles away and don't give a *** cuz they know I can't track them down that I was going directly to the Sprint store and making someone talk to me in person, even if it was only to pay my bill. Well what do ya know?

They were much more cooperative (and human) face to face. I eventually left Sprint anyway and switched to TMobile and what a diference! TMobile does a fantasic job and they seem to really care.

But I will never again do Sprint. I will never endorse them or recommend them to anyone, EVER.

Almondbank, Scotland, United Kingdom #28899

I totaly agree! Actually, I was in customer service training with Sprint once, and was told that one should always attempt to save the account.

Also, agents have considerable leeway in extending payment deadlines, giving free minutes, etc. I actually got sprint cellphone service and my plan gave me a $250 credit limit. So my understanding was as long as my bill didn't exceed $250, my service would not be interrupted. I had service interruption within the first 2 mths while my bill was $118.

I called and was told that while my limit was $250, if I didn't pay within 10 days of the bill, this would happen. So I made sure that I paid my bill within the 10 day limit. When service was interrupted again, I was told that although I paid the bill in full, amounts from the next mths bill rolled over and put me over my limit. So I asked when my billing cycle ended and they told me on the 4th.

So the next time, I mad sure I paid my bill by the 6th, giving any rollovers time to happen since I knew I had gone over my minutes. I paid the balance in full and 3 days later got interrupted and now had a balance of $300+. I pay my bills all at once every month but must know when I'm being billed in order to budget effectively. After this last incident, I found that as long as my account is suspended, there would be no addtl charges.

So I have divided the outstanding balance into 12 mthly installments to the date of my contract expiration and do not plan to ever use sprint or any contracted cell phone service again. I have no problem with the amount of my bill, I just don't think I should have to decipher someone's billing system. There is a website through wish I get all of my account info. But the balance never matches what they say I owe.


Sheffield, Pennsylvania, United States #18628

i have given sprint over 3300 dollars in the past 13 months and i just paid 200 more when sprint told me i only owed only 164 more so i should have had a credit of 35 i got on the next day to show a balance of 409 more basically SPRINT SUCKS....i have been with them since 2002 and they will not help me at all

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