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Sprint has very poor cellular access in my region, something that they never told about, I continuously had dropped calls.

I never had an issue paying my bills. When my 2 year contract was up, I called to pay the final bill on the phone, I was placed on hold during several calls, one call I was on hold for 1/2 hour!

Let's just say that today I got a collection letter in the mail for $45.00 more than the amount of my last bill! I called Sprint, was put on hold and transferred without being told and when the second rep asked me what I wanted, I had to repeat my whole tirade again.

Then was told I used the phone before the number was ported. Kind of funny, because the phone that was sold to me wouldn't hold a charge for longer than 15 minutes. I ported the number within days of calling them, was told that I couldn't close the account and port the number until they were notified by the new carrier. Big scam!!

I would not recommend Sprint/Nextell to my worst enemy!!

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So that's why they've been billing me for $130 for the past 6 years! I've refused to pay them.

Maybe it will come off my credit report soon...

Agreed. Sprints billing and customer service stinks!

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