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My husband has been a Sprint/Nextel customer for 12 years. Recently, his phone broke.

Sprint finally agreed to send him a replacement phone, but instead of sending a Nextel, they sent us a Sprint Direct Connect, which we don't have service for in our area. After 2 weeks' of arguing with them, they FINALLY allowed us to return it and sent a Nextel. I sent both the original broken phone AND later after we received the Nextel, the Sprint Direct Connect phone back to them in the packages provided. I sent both "return receipt" and had gotten the signed slips for them back where Sprint had received them.

2 months later, my husband started getting $150.00 bills for "unreturned equipment." We called them and faxed over the signed slips (where THEY had signed for receiving the phones when they were delivered), and htey STILL denied that we ever returned the phones! Finally, after 3 months of this back-and-forth sh-t, a supervisor did issue a credit, but NOT because they were wrong. Only because they found an "inconsistency" in the e-mails they had sent to us.

As far as I am concerned, this is NOT good enough! They need to own up to the sorry mistakes they make!

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