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I have been with Sprint Data plan for several years. It was a unlimited data plan.

I renewed my commitment in January with a 3G4G Overdrive unit, but was assured my plan would stay the same since I was "grandfathered" in. I had to replace the unit 3 times in a 6 month period. The last time it was replaced in July, they changed my plan from unlimited to a 5G cap, creating a $500. overage charge.

They told me that Sprint has the right to change the plan anytime they wish, even in the middle of a 2 year commitment(contract). This is so under-handed, and I'm also stuck with a connection card that cost me $149.

that cannot be used with any other service. Don't Trust Sprint for ANYTHING.

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I have been with Sprint for 15 years. This exact same thing happened to me, except my Card has been replaced 5x's since November of 2009.

Sprint decided to erase my exchange records and change my plan to 5G per month.

I am cancelling my service with Sprint and all of our families phones and Air Cards. Customer tenure with them means nothing> they are a doggie dog company>

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