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I'm experiencing no phone service where I reside in the state of New Mexico. This problem started arising a couple of month with drop calls here and there and no service in spots. All of the mentioned problems are expectable in the vast area in which we live, but yesterday the problem became much worse. Around 1:00 pm or maybe before on 11-24-10 I was not able to receive any service on my Sprint phone. I proceeded to turn my phone off and on through out the day hoping it would fix the problem. When I arrived home later in the afternoon I gave the people at Sprint customer service a call, which turned out to be a big mistake.

The hours following my initial call were spent on hold while they "figured out the problem" or transferred me to someone that knew more about the situation. Let's restart your phone or try reprogramming your phone the first representative said, oh I will put you on hold while I "figure out the problem". After listening to Sprint on hold propaganda for eight to ten minutes a voice stating this is Jessica with Sprint may I have the phone number you are calling about. Are you serious so I gave her my number and stated that I had no phone service and had already talked to someone else. Oh, well sorry about that, you said you have no service did you pay your bill Jessica says in a condescending voice. Now I have been a paying customer for around ten years and now told me that she did not even have the correct information for my a so called "Sprint Premier" customer with special benefits that do not include customer service or phone service. After on hold once again, Davina #FJ026321 answers Sprint customer service how may I help you so I once again gave my information and danced around with her. She then proceeded to transfer me to Dolorous and she was the most help of all but told me she could not fix the problem or even no what the problem was. I can refer you to a Sprint Store where they will be able to look at your phone, but let me give you an e-ticket number. Give this number to the Sprint Store and they will rush you in for service with no waiting should be able to fix the "problem".

Here I am and it's Thanksgiving no phone service and the Sprint Customer Care hotline are closed to observe the holiday. The problem with this is that I have to use my phone to call people and conduct business and all of this requires service. I certain once tomorrow rolls around and I call Sprint "Customer Service" I will still get the run around and for some reason it will be my fault or they will want me to pay more money. But this seems to be the census in and around where I live no service, no customer service, no service at all. I could ramble on about this situation but what is it going to fix when there is nothing worth fixing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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