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Sprint company renewed my contract with out my authorization for two years, after I specifically told them not to. The customer service personnel gave me a discount for one month and told me that I do not owe a full amount, the next month I receive a bill for the full amount, after I called them, they informed me that no discount was ever given or any of that conversation took place. The customer service gave me a plan and a free phone, after I was transferred to the Sales department, the sales representative told me that the Customer Service was wrong and they can not offer me the free phone or that specific service.

Also false advertisement, when they advertise buy one get one free phone, that Free phone has to have a line that is eligible for $150 upgrade, so it's not actually free since I have to pay $150.

When I spoke to the manager He informed me that He is not responsible for what the customer service or the sales personnel tell the customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $116.

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I just had a similar experience. They've been harrassing me about new deals and *** that I don't want, all because they know that my contract was about to expire in January...these several deals are all under the condition that I extend my contract.

Then I find out that they extended my contract expiration date from 01/08 to 09/10 when I activated my new razr. I took none of their deals and bought the razr from ebay and activated it....I find this out two days ago and they never told me and of course I never consented or had any knowledge of it until I went to the site and clicked on an expiration checker.

So what am I doing about it? I have unlimited roaming and data usage included in my plan, so I set my phone to "roaming only" mode and it'll stay that way until they cancel me for costing them money to use alltel's towers.

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